Top 7 Exciting Business Benefits of Developing an App

Did you know the Google Play Store has 1.85 million different apps to download? You may think this means apps are at saturation point, but consumer demand is at an all-time high. But do you know why they are so beneficial?

From increasing sales to marketing, an app is a perfect tool. Read on as we discuss the seven benefits of developing an app. 

1. Data Becomes Faster

When it comes to mobile data, speed is king. Forty percent of people will leave a website that does not load in under three seconds. That is forty percent of your potential leads gone before they even see what you have to offer them. 

Websites can be made fast, but it is not an easy process. Codes must be cleaned up and thinned out, plugins can slow down the site so that the more functionality a site has, the slower it can become. All of this can be a huge balancing act for web designers. 

When it comes to the benefits of an app, speed is often overlooked. The key is that the app does not need to be connected to the internet to function. Basic functions like price checking and looking at products can all be done within the app itself. 

You also have a much better way of accessing the functions of a mobile phone. Firstly, integration with other applications like social networks is possible. You can also access contacts, cameras, and voice recordings. 

2. Increases Loyalty and Brand Recognition

The average person checks their phone 96 times a day. This gives you a direct path to them, that can build loyalty and brand awareness. The only time you won’t have a connection with them is when they sleep. 

Firstly, the app will always be present on their device. They will see your app logo every time they open their phone, even for tasks not related to your enterprise. However, if they do need something related, you will be the first port of call. 

However, the app does not just have to lay dormant waiting to be called upon. Notifications and reminders can open up a two-way communication street.

As well as building loyalty, the benefits of developing an app for marketing are vast. You no longer have to send an email or direct mail hoping people will read your offer. It will be there whenever they open their phone. 

3. Providing Value

The business benefits of having an app also allow you to provide more value to customers. By introducing loyalty schemes, or transferring existing ones, you can send rewards via the app. It also provides an incentive for people to download it to their phones. 

For example, store loyalty points could be added using a built-in QR code. The app can keep track of all the loyalty points the customer has. All of this is much easier to use and more functional than the traditional method of creating and carrying a loyalty card. 

4. Increases Engagement

Making a connection with customers was once very expensive, and often hit and miss. You would have to advertise on billboards, magazines and send direct mail, hoping you would find a target audience. However, by having 24-hour access to your customers by their mobile, you can really increase engagement. 

You can integrate with social media, making it easy for customers to share your posts and promotions. It also allows an easy platform for customers to leave reviews of products and services you provide. 

However, its benefit to quick product purchasing is unmatchable. Quick push button sales can be facilitated and payment methods can be stored for easy access. Customers can also save their favorite categories and products. 

5. Changes Retail Experiences

Mobile app development can completely change the way your store does business. Most people operate a method whereby they sell in a physical location and online. However, running these come with their own costs.

By utilizing an app, you can cut down on sales in the store, reducing the need for staff and physical premises. Some businesses are built entirely on mobile apps for this very reason and do extremely well. 

6. Boost Profits

Crucially, the most important benefits of an app are that it will increase profit. If customers have a direct line to your products, around the clock, and feel they are getting a great service, then why wouldn’t it? This does not mean getting rid of your website entirely, but using the two to complement each other. 

The website should be there to build awareness. It is the first place people will go to when they search online. However, once you have this connection you can get them to download the app and keep the communications channels open. 

7. You Can Stand Out

Currently, many of the business benefits of having an app are guarded by large companies. However, app development is coming down in price, meaning it is affordable for much smaller businesses. As many small firms are still yet to take the leap, you could be one step ahead of the competition. 

If you are the first to launch a successful app, you can effectively freeze out your competitors. Why would people go elsewhere when they have a great service at the press of a thumb?

How to Start Developing an App

Now you know the benefits of developing an app, speak to a professional. There are many companies that will advise you on the type of app and functionality you could use. Search online for companies and arrange meetings for a quote. 

If you enjoyed our article, we have many more to help. From technology to finance, we can help your business grow in the digital economy.