Top Features to Enhance Facebook Ads

The platform of Facebook advertising is really powerful. It has several useful features and when these are used, they can be a potent mode for advertising your business. Like other digital channels of marketing, if you are not careful, you can waste a lot of money and cause a reduced ROI (Return on Investment).

The following are some relatively unknown features of Facebook, which can drastically enhance your advertisement campaigns. These are well known to social media marketing services in India.

Audience Insights

A winning strategy is to know how to use the Audience Insights feature of Facebook to segment your targeting.

For example, one common feature for audience targeting made use by marketers is based on your income bracket. However, people don’t tell their income to Facebook and it is purchased via third party suppliers of data. Every occasion when you make use of targeting that depends on a third party, this will cost more.

Besides, you may be competing against all others by use of income targeting also and this will drive up the advertisement costs. So, instead of this, you must screen via Audience Insights to find out what is liked by persons in your targeted bracket of income.

 Inside the panel for Audience Insights, you can begin by targeting:

  • Complete Facebook
  • People linked to your page
  • Some already loyal custom audiences

Audience segments that you will construct in Audience Insights may be saved or made use of later, which can be applied quickly while you are constructing your campaign online.

Graph Search on Facebook

Often, a page one desires to use in the form of targeted interest may not be an available option. The solution is- go for Facebook Graph Search

Go to Facebook account were within the search box, begin a search which begins with “Pages liked by people who like (your page)”. A long list of pages will be returned by Facebook which shared the highest likes within the pages you searched for. Not all such pages may be good targets but some of them maybe.

Layering many of such factors will refine the targeting, further. For example, if you locate Martha Stewart, her audience may be a general target, however, if you layer it with Mashable and Shopify, you will get a more refined audience for targeting.

Expanded Interests

In case you are designing targeting for sake of an ad, by default Facebook selects an option that reads something like,” Expand Interests where it will raise link clicks in reduced cost for every link click.”

Experts recommend that for the sake of a new or fresh account, this option should be deselected. Deselecting is vital in case you are focusing on one niche because otherwise, your audience may be too wide and result in wastage of ad budget. In its place, target a possible reach of 50 to 250K persons and allow your pixel to stew.

 When your ads play in your specific niche, you will construct conversion data onto the Pixel, appvalley. After your Pixels have stewed in conversion data, your targeting may be expanded. The algorithm of Facebook will begin self-optimizing. It will become highly accurate in targeting.

These are all some ways to improve your Facebook ads.