Treatment of anxiety disorder and counseling

Treatment of anxiety disorder and counseling

If you are concerned that your anxiety levels are causing your anxiety, you may be interested in learning more about the different types of anxiety and common symptoms. Anxiety is manifested in many different ways and a number of these methods have been named and categorized.

Below we summarize some of the diagnostic anxiety categories with more information available in each symptom group on a separate page. Of course, while it is helpful to know a range of conditions that may affect you, self-diagnosis is rarely a good idea. If any of the conditions listed below are relevant to you, it is advised to speak with a professional. Moreover, engaging in a consulting treatment with a qualified counselor, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist is a proven treatment to alleviate many of these symptoms.

Generalized anxiety disorder

This condition indicates anxiety, stress, and chronic stress that interferes with the normal enjoyment of life. It indicates an experience of persistent anxiety that appears unnecessary or greater than may be justified given the situation. Read more about generalized anxiety disorder

Panic disorder and panic attacks

This indicates sudden experiences of extreme anxiety, even horror, palpitations, and sweating that happens suddenly and may or may not repeat over time. Read more about panic disorder and panic attacks


This refers to the fear of a panic attack when outdoors or when considering leaving home. Read more about AGORAPHOBIA

Acute stress disorder

Refers to experience that begins soon after you are in a life-threatening situation including intrusive symptoms such as memories of the past and other symptoms associated with separation, or not being completely present. Read more about acute stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress Post-traumatic stress – Post-traumatic stress disorder

Refers to experiences that start after a few weeks, months, or even years after trying a life-threatening situation including intrusive symptoms such as flashbacks and other symptoms associated with separation, or their complete absence, as well as symptoms related to avoiding original trauma reminders. Read more about PTSD – PTSD

Social anxiety / social phobia

Refers to phobia from talking to or mixing with others, including fear of extreme panic in such situations. Read more about social anxiety / social phobia

Specific phobia

This refers to the experience of panic in the mind, sight, touch, or scent of a scary thing or event. For example riding an elevator, flying in the plane, or spiders. Read more about specific phobia.

Sydney counselors and psychologists can make you in touch with therapists in Sydney who provide professional treatment for anxiety related conditions.

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