Use of Traditional Marketing in Modern Business

For a lot of businesses, the biggest restriction to their growth potential is their lack of marketing budget. Now, instead of figuring out which methods provide them with the biggest ROI for their audience, a lot of entrepreneurs get dragged into a never-ending debate of whether the use of traditional marketing is even plausible in modern business. With that in mind and without further ado, here are four compelling arguments why old-school marketing is still viable, even in 2020.

Boosting online presence

One of the things that you can do to strengthen your online presence is to create the necessary leverage through offline means. For instance, with the help of guerilla marketing (branded street art), you can attract some attention to your brand. In fact, if the art is interesting enough, you can always expect people to take photos of it in order to upload it on their social media. If they tag you or use a hashtag of your brand bellow (which is more than plausible), this can help increase your digital footprint and even drive some direct traffic to your website/social media page. You can also add your URL or your social media handles on any kind of printed marketing.

Format transition

Another thing that traditional marketing is great for is recycling content. Let’s say that you have a great meme or sketch on your website. Why not turn it into a commercial or a newspaper ad? Also, a great infographic can be transformed into an effective brochure. The best part is that you can use analytical tools to see how well people are reacting to the infographic in question and use the knowledge acquired this way in order to boost the effectiveness of these printed materials. In the end, you can use your digital marketing to optimize your offline marketing. In the previous section, we’ve mentioned how you can do this the other way around. 

Becoming omnipresent

In digital marketing, you would use SEO to boost your brand’s visibility. In traditional marketing, you can go for something dominating like billboards or, better yet, advertising on hoardings. This kind of advertising is targeted at people who are just passing by, thus raising your brand recognition by quite a bit. In fact, if you combine your offline and online marketing strategies, you can make the impression of being omnipresent. Due to numerous online hoaxes and frauds, people are often suspicious of online-only businesses. By establishing your presence in the offline world, you can easily overcome this barrier.

Great cost-per-conversion

For a lot of people, the biggest concern regarding traditional marketing is the cost-per-conversion. Fortunately, when done right, this can be quite cost-efficiency. For instance, advertising on hoarding is something that you pay for once and it will get seen by a myriad of people every single day. As for the printed materials like promotional merchandise (hats, t-shirts, umbrellas, etc.), as well as brochures and leaflets, by printing in bulk, you will get a serious discount. This way, you’ll get to pay even less per unit, which automatically improves the cost-per-conversion. The equation is quite simple here.

In conclusion

In the end, instead of feeling the pressure that you have to choose between traditional and modern marketing, what you need to realize is that these two aspects of business promotion work best in combination. Each of them has the benefit that complements the shortcomings of their counterpart. They also have a peculiar way of reaching areas and audiences that their counterpart can’t reach. In other words, only when using them together will you be able to unleash their full potential.