Ways you can Count on for boosting Your Chicken’s Immune System

Protecting your chickens against a wide variety of diseases can be as simple as giving boosting their immune system. However, to know the best ways of achieving the same is imperative. You should pick the ideal methods, including incorporating foods and poultry vitamin supplement into your chickens’ regular diet. Also, with age-appropriate feed and a supply of fresh and clean water, you can help your chickens maintain an excellent immune system. Please continue reading to find out some easy yet effective ways of enhancing their immunity.

Seeds and Grains

If you wish to make snacking a lot healthier and tastier for your chickens, you can feed them different seeds and grains or any poultry feed premix. Sunflower seeds make the right choice because they are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and protein, which all can work wonders to protect them from many diseases. Pumpkin and flax seeds rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids enhance their immunity while also improving their feather condition, boosting their egg-laying, and reducing cancer chances.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

If you don’t wish to add any poultry vitamin supplement to your chicken’s diet, you can go in for natural immunity boosters like fresh fruits and vegetables. They can provide them with sufficient amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Kiwi, melons, grapes, berries, and papaya best suit this category of fruits, which your chickens will relish. Coming to the immunity-boosting vegetables, you can pick lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and sweet baby spinach. Crunchy and colorful capsicums are also great additions to their diet. Likewise, you can feed your chickens the powerhouse of immunity, garlic, now and then.

Probiotics and Fermented Feed

To give an extra boost to your chickens’ immunity, you can add probiotics to their diet. Available in a liquid and powder form, you can easily add probiotics to their feed or water. You can also give them yoghurt but only the plain ones, as they cannot digest sugars. Fermented feed is another excellent way of enhancing their immunity and improving their egg quality, which poultry and livestock keepers have been following since ages.


Different kinds of herbs have a wide assortment of health benefits for chickens so that you can add a number of them to their regular diet. Bay leaf is one of the herbs renowned for its extraordinary antiviral properties, which can give adequate protection against several diseases to your chickens. If you make dandelions a part of salads that you feed your poultry now and then, they will improve their nutritional intake while enhancing their digestion and functioning of all their other organs. You can also invest in some good quality herb poultry feed premix for giving your chickens a high dose of immunity.


Not just for humans but eggs are also one of the most nutritious additions to a chick’s diet. Scramble some eggs and mix in some herbs and garlic for giving a boost to their immune systems.