What are the Challenges of the IT Department?

IT Consultancy London

Facing challenges with your IT Department? Then you should know about IT Consultants. They play a vital role to Manage Services and Cyber Security. It ensures that your Department is at its peak performance in productivity. You may search out for IT consultancy London to search for IT professionals that can help improve your business.

1. Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the biggest threat to Consultants. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), most consumers prefer to switch platforms to avoid data breaching. Hackers use Phishing websites to access your account and steal your identity. Through AI, they can crash your websites. Moreover, cracked software also comes with spyware to collect your data and account details. 40% of IT Decision makers feel like they lack cybersecurity skills in their teams. It is also considered as the trickiest hiring in the IT Department.

2. Skill Gaps

In the last four years, Skill Gaps among IT workers have increased so much that the digital market has become saturated. According to IT Consultants, one under-skilled Employee averagely costs extra 416 hours and more than 22,000 dollars annually. But the disappointment is that most of the organizations are not serious about it. And, only less than 60% of organizations offer formal training for their technical staff. Therefore, the gap is still increasing annually.

3. Talent Recruitment

In recent years, technology has evolved a lot. And we have seen a bundle of new languages and professions. Therefore, IT Consultants have a hard time selecting the best person for the job. According to studies, 93% of businesses are facing a shortage of skills. Furthermore, while hiring, most managers do not consider a Bachelors’s degree as an ability indicator. Instead, they focus on their recent training and short courses to showcase their current skills and capabilities.

4. Cloud Computing

It is another High demand skill but unfortunately very low in supply. Besides, it is also considered the second most challenging hiring area in IT Industry. But due to its significance, Cloud Computing can not be ignored. As a point of fact, most organizations use more than one cloud service provider. Most organizations ask for skills in AWS, Microsoft, Azure, and Google Cloud. And especially for engineers or Architects generic skills are not enough.

5. Budget

Lack of budget or not having a proper plan for it can be a major concern for both IT Staff and consultants. It is the main factor for the organization’s development. Low budgets can also result in hiring underqualified or inexperienced workers. Consequently, it will result in poor productivity.

IT Department faces a bundle of challenges. Moreover, it is also evolving at a quick pace. Therefore, IT Departments need to keep themselves open to adapting skills. Or else, it would be impossible for them to survive in the modern saturated market. And always be aware of Cybercrimes and security because, in the online world, you are never too safe.