What Are the Common Types of Garbage Trucks?

Everyone knows garbage and recycling are a crucial part of any functioning society. Just as nature has its ecosystem, humans produce mass quantities of waste that must be removed and transported by somebody.

According to a study in 2018, the U.S. accounts for 30 percent of the world’s waste but they make only 4 percent of the world’s population. Garbagemen in the U.S. have a tall task, and garbage trucks are essential to get the job done.

There are several types of garbage trucks that are utilized by waste management businesses. Continue reading for a full breakdown of the common versions of trucks that garbagemen use.

Different Types of Garbage Trucks

When it comes to the kinds of garbage trucks, there are four major groups that make up most of the market. There are two qualities that differentiate the four types from each other.

The first factor is the angle and side of the vehicle that the actual mechanism that picks up the bins of trash resides on. While the second is the ideal client for the truck’s regular route.

Some types are designed to serve the specific needs of residential clients in private homes and neighborhoods. Other trucks intend to pick up trash from businesses, corporations, and larger entities. Obviously, different garbage truck options meet these unalike needs.

Front Loader Trucks

Perhaps the most common garbage truck is front loader trucks, which are perfect for trash pickup around the city. For areas that have a large trash receptacle, front-loaders are the best option.

Equipped with a giant bar that spans the width of the vehicle, front loaders are meant to collect from big dumpsters. Front-loaders are very popular on the market: trucksandparts.com

Side Loader Trucks

While front-loaders are perfect for the city, side-loaders are designed for homes and individual bins of trash. Front-loaders cannot pick up trash from small bins, and side-loaders are not equipped to handle dumpsters.

Side loaders load up trash by driving next to bins and picking them up with arms, perfect for driving down residential streets. These trucks compact the trash once it reaches the vehicle.

Rear Loader Trucks

A big distinction between rear-loader trucks and the first two above is how the garbage is collected. Bins are emptied by hand right into a large opening in the back of the vehicle.

A two-man crew is necessary for the operation of this garbage truck.

Roll Off Trucks

These are the granddaddy of garbage trucks. Once the garbage is removed from society and distributed to waste sites or dumps, it meets its fate in the form of a roll-off truck.

The roll-off device that compacts the trash is actually an attachment that could fit on many different trucks.

Waste Management: Everyone Needs it

A system in place where our garbage is regularly picked up for us is a reflection of a healthy society. It is easy to shudder when you think about what would happen if our trash wasn’t managed within the U.S. as well as it is. The types of garbage trucks above are important to all citizens.

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