What are the Eligibility Criteria, Job Roles, and Scopes of B.Sc’ Statistics Degree?


In this technology-driven and digital world, data plays an important role. Specifying the enhancing importance of decisions and opinions based on data, it is essential that people can assess the quality of analyzes that others present to them. Statistics is the key to learning from data and also navigating common issues that can lead to incorrect conclusions. In this article, we will discuss the scope of statistics.  


Statistics is generally the study of the collection and interpretation of data that is related to maths because they have the study of probability. They are usually used for the interpretation of data with logic and research methods. All countries always try their best to improve their economic conditions.  

So, they need to use the data available to observe the different problems, and statistics is one of the simplest processes that help to make a decision. It is ideal to find a renowned B.Sc statistics college in Uttarakhand, or wherever to live, to get theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Here are some essential things about statistics that you should know. 

Some basic skills that you need for studying statistics, including: 

  • Strong basics 
  • Logical thinking  
  • Good in computing  
  • Updated on latest theories 
  • Versatility 

Scope of Statistics Courses  

There are some scopes of statistics courses that you should know, including: 

Certificate & Diploma: 

  • Certificate in statistical methods  
  • Diploma course in statistics  


  • Bachelor in statistics  
  • B.Sc. – Hons in statistics  

Post Graduation: 

  • Master of Arts in statistics  
  • Master in statistics 
  • M.Sc. – Hons in statistics  


  • Master of philosophy in statistics  
  • Doctorate in statistics  

Eligibility Criteria for Statistics  

  • It is important to do 12th with subjects like mathematics, statistics, or economics for enrolling yourself for a bachelor’s degree in statistics.  
  • And for a master’s degree, a student needs to complete their 12th with mathematics, statistics, or economics and bachelors in statistics or B.Sc. – Hons in statistics.  
  • They also need to clear different types of exams.  

There are some alternative courses that they should do after graduation, including: 

  • Data science  
  • Actuarial science  
  • Finance  
  • Economics 

Job Descriptions and Scopes of Statistics 

  • Collecting the data 
  • Find out ways for collecting data  
  • Applying different types of tools for solving problems  
  • Writing reports  
  • Presenting findings to managers  

What Are The Jobs? 

There are huge scopes for people who have completed their graduation and post-graduation in statistics. And here are some of these, such as: 

  • Data Analyst 

A data analyst needs to analyze different types of data in a company and provides the solutions that will help improve the efficiency of an enterprise.  

  • Business Analyst 

A business analyst analyses different types of business domains and also maintain the operations. Using their skills and knowledge, they also help to assess the business model with the latest technology.  

  • Statistician 

A statistician basically analyses data for designing surveys, doing experiments, and solving real-world problems.  

  • Financial Analyst 

A person who has completed their UG and PG in statistics can work as a financial analyst. A financial analyst helps to manage accounting information and also provide advice to an individual/firm. Any financial analysis using statistics tools will become great for stock prediction, equity research, and many others.  

  • Market Research Analyst  

A market researcher analyses the current market trends and also determines the potential of the product or service. They also help to find the answers to some basic questions that help to boost the business, including what products people want, what they will buy, at what prices, and many others.  

  • Data Scientists  

One of the most demanding job role that designs and invents new business approaches to information systems and computing technology.  

  • Actual Analyst  

They recognize the potential financial risks and also the value of that risk.  

  • Mathematicians 

A mathematician uses existing and new principles for developing new models that help to make business decisions and also develop new strategies.  

  • Operation Research Analyst 

An operation research analyst’s role is to keep the business profitable and also provides the key solutions to the decision-maker of the organisation.  


Statistics is a vast area of studies and they have a wide range of options. You can find a top B.Sc. statistics college in Uttarakhand, or elsewhere, for completing your graduation in this particular subject.  

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