What Are The Features Makes VidmateAn Ultimate Video Downloading Platform?

Be it is any sorts of media file you all check whether it can be downloaded easily. But unfortunately, it is not possible because you are required to have a better platform to do that. Look at the features of Vidmate 2018here,

Which are all the highlighted features?

Change resolution and format:

If you choose to download any of the multimedia in this platform then you can easily able to take it by changing the pixel and format. A lot number of qualities and formats are available in this app. So you can simply choose anything based on your choice. Once after you pick the quality and format the media content you have picked will be downloaded in the way you want.

In the latest version, you will be available with so many highest as well as new formats so you all set to choose anything. If you are going to transfer any movie then you need to choose any of the high quality and then watch it on your choice.

Fast search:

When comes to the browsing speed it is really fast. When compared with other video downloading platforms. It is really fast and at the same time, you can able to browse any sorts of contents in an easy way. There is no constraint and all. That is why you want to choose this multimedia streaming platform more than other video downloading apps.


If you search for any of the media content then it will show you all sorts of media contents based on your searching content. Even while typing itself it will give so many recommendations so choose it very easily. At the same time, the result will show you so many suggestions from that picking anything based on your choice.

There are so many numbers of media contents will come in the suggestion from that you all set to choose anything based on your choice.

Fast download:

When compared with other sorts of apps it is the best and superlative app. Why because this app helps you to take your likely content in a faster way. The speed is really quick when you compare with other apps. That is why you are required to make use of this app.

Free of cost:

The free of cost features is the notable and prominent one you want to notice on this app. Be it is any content you are allowed to take even without a bit of money. That is why you want to choose this app.

Where to get this app?

If you are looking for this app then make use of 9apps download2018because in this store there are so many numbers of apps are available. You can able to see so many and at the same time, you will be allowed to download it by means of this app. It will never ever restrict you to take your likely applications based on your choice.