What is the difference between Cloud and Dedicated Servers?

Businesses in today’s world are rapidly expanding and adapting themselves to the digitalized world of the internet. There are several solutions, steps, and processes on how to generate revenues, reach the target goal, and satisfy the customers.

The first and the most important step in the world of digital marketing for a new start-up or business is to select a perfect host for the website for the growth of the business. To publish the information or data on the website or webpage, a server which is a computing process of putting data into the internet so people globally could get access and avail the services of a particular business/company.

There are several types of servers and companies such as WeHaveServers available in the market that offer the services of hosting the website on the internet for its growth and development. The two of the most popular hosting servers are Cloud servers and Dedicated servers which are widely used by new start-ups and companies.

Definition of Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

To define, Cloud Server is a computing program that hosts the website on a virtually created space rather than on the hardware and uses multiple virtual servers. It functions without any direct management from the users and is ideal for any size of business, large or small.

A Dedicated Server is a traditional server that has been widely used across the world for the benefits it offers. It offers the client to buy or share dedicated spaces on the server for hosting their websites. In a dedicated server, a client can buy a whole space for their website to keep their database and information safe and secure.

Differentiation between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

Both of these servers offer certain benefits to the website and they are very different from each other which makes them unique and important servers. The differences are as follow:

  • A cloud server is very cost-effective while a dedicated server is expensive.
  • A dedicated is not as reliable as a cloud server.
  • There is a high level of security using a dedicated server when compared to a cloud server.
  • A dedicated could be customized but a cloud server doesn’t provide that feature.
  • The configuration of a dedicated server could not be changed whereas in a cloud server it is easy to configure according to one’s needs.