What is VPN and how can we create it?

The abbreviation of VPN is Virtual Private Network and it’s the best opportunity to have a protected network while we are in public. The main purpose of a VPN is to create encryption with our internet traffic and it disguises us while we are online. The encryption makes life easier as it creates a border for the third parties.

In this article I’ll cover some important points related to VPN, how it works, is created, what its benefits of it are, and why there is a need for using VPN. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss the main points.

How VPN works?

As I’ve discussed earlier the VPN hides our identity from other third parties and lets the network redirect through specially configured remote servers that are being run by the VPN host. In simpler words, if we are using the internet with a VPN connection then the server of the VPN becomes our source of data. Ultimately our service provider cannot access our data and it will not be visible to them what we are surfing on internet.

Benefits of VPN

The following are some important benefits while using the VPN. Let’s have a look.

1. Encryption

On of the best advantage of using the VPN is that it is secure and end to end encrypted. It means that without this any one can easily access to our data and can hack it.

2. Privacy

The VPN provides the best proxies on the internet. We are not worried about our privacy while we are in public. Many VPN services don’t record our activities meanwhile some other service providers do so. This simply means that with the use of VPN our data and all our record is simply safe while using VPN.

3. Security of Transferring Data

At our workplace, we are dealing with important data of companies that need security. So, at our workplace, it is necessary of having a secure connection so that company’s important data is secure and it’s not in hands of any hackers or third parties. VPN provides encryption and makes sure that all the devices are connected to private servers.

How to install VPN on computer?

It is an important question that how can we install VPN on our computer. So, lets start.

1. VPN Client

It is important to install the software on the computers for VPN clients. In this way, the software is bound to meet the requirements of the endpoint. Encryption is created in this way that when the VPN is set up on the device then the endpoint executes the given link of the VPN and then it connects with the other endpoint and is secure. Many multinational companies have high and secured passwords at this point for security purposes and when entered it assure the authorized connection. In the companies, the workers and employees are identified by their credentials.

2. Browser Extension

When the VPN is installed on our computers, we can easily add it to our browsers for usage. Many browsers such as Opera have their VPN extension but many of them as Google, and Firefox offered an browser extension. So, when we are using the browser and surfing on the internet the VPN connection is only limited to that browser. Moreover, using the internet besides the browser cannot have a secure connection as VPN is limited to specific Brower only.

3. Company VPN

As discussed earlier when we are using company’s VPN then there are are many restriction and requires proper passwords and personal credentials in this regard. So there is no personal affirmation from VPN and all your activities and data are transferred when at the time you log in. These are all security measures for the security of data of company’s data. So, the secure VPN connection of corporate minimize the risk of data leakage.

Is VPN limited to computers only?

The answer to this simple question is no. VPN is not restricted to computers only we can enjoy a secure network connection while we are in public on our smartphones. If there is our personal credit card information or any other information that is very important for us then a VPN is the best choice for the security of our data. Many free versions of VPN are available on the Google play store as well as in the Apple App Store. These free trial versions also provide the best secure connection.

How to create our own VPN?

There are different apps on Google and Apple app stores where we can easily download the VPN. On the other hand, there is the option of creating one. So while following the below-mentioned steps we can make our VPN.

  • To create an account on Amazon Web services
  • Then download Algo VPN and unzip it
  • Install and run the software
  • Setup device to connect to VPN


Many of you might be wondering whether VPN is that much secure that can easily trust it with your data. So the answer to it is VPN is not an antivirus, it is only for the secure and encrypted network connection provided to save our data from third parties. For more security, an installation of antivirus is a must thing on a smartphone or any other device we are using.