What to Look for When Buying Headsets?

Unlike speakers for computers and iPods, headphones are not significantly different from each other in terms of functionality. The main differences between them are the type of design and sound quality.  

But, if you are not satisfied with the sound quality that your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac offers, then the most effective solution to this problem is to purchase better headphones. Nevertheless, the number of available options over the years is becoming more and more, and the opportunities to personally experience them are becoming less.  

To determine immediately, even without testing, which headphones are best for listening to music, you should know the main technical characteristics. They are usually indicated on the box, and you can get acquainted with them without unpacking the device.  

 If you plan to listen exclusively to the radio on your phone, do not bother too much with the question of choice. For such purposes, good headphones with average characteristics are suitable. To help you make your choice, Let’s have a look at the following: 

  • Functionality and Controls 

Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, many companies began producing headphones with cable-integrated modules with remote control and a microphone. In the minimum configuration, the remote control contains one multifunctional button for controlling playback, making/interrupting calls, and also using the voice control function. Newer models include two additional buttons for adjusting the playback volume. The built-in microphone is used for making phone calls, recording voice and voice commands. 

Since the advent of the first-generation iPhone, Apple has managed to standardize a dedicated headphone jack so that the latter supports all of these features. Now, headphones with integrated controls can be used on every device, including JABRA headsets. As a result, there are even more models of headphones with remote control. This is certainly good news for owners, as they have a wide selection of quality and useful accessories. 

  • Specifications and Sound Quality  

Instead of reading the specifications, it is better to personally verify the product, read reviews from trusted sources. As with the speakers, the sound quality of the headphones is determined by the balance between the upper, middle and low frequencies. The difficulty is the evaluation of low-frequency transmission quality.  

When choosing a speaker system, you can immediately feel the presence of powerful bass by the vibrations. With headphones, it is not always possible to reliably determine how powerful the bass is. For this purpose, it is recommended that you need to listen to any song which you know that it contains deep and powerful basics. If powerful basses quickly tire you, try to avoid acquiring such headphones. In addition, amplification of one frequency range often leads to a deterioration in the sound quality of other frequencies. 

  • Comfort  

Unlike most portable devices, you literally wear headphones. Therefore, your satisfaction with the product directly depends on how comfortable the headphones are in your ears. Describing the different styles of headphones provide the level of comfort to each of them. However, to understand whether the headphones are right for you, they need direct contact with your ears. Therefore, in this context, the purchase of this accessory blindly can turn into a disappointment for you. 

  • Styles 

Today, there are thousands of headphone models on the market that radically vary in style, sound quality, functionality and cost. But all these models can be divided into several main categories like in-ear, in-channel, channel droplets, lightweight, full-sized, noise-cancelling and wireless. Each of this type has its own price, specifications, functionalities and features.  

  • Where to Buy? 

Nowadays, many offline and online stores offer high-quality headphones and give you the opportunity to test the product in the store, plus easy to return facility. Naturally, this is a serious obstacle to the acquisition of goods that will not disappoint you. One of the solutions may be to choose a store offering the opportunity to return the goods if it does not suit you with something. Moreover, this applies to both physical and online stores. Online stores have a wide range of high-quality headphones and allow you to return the product within 30 days without explanation. 

When choosing headphones, you should pay attention to the type, length and quality of the model’s wire. If you plan to carry your headsets with you, a short cable will be preferable. The wire can be round or flat. Headphones with good sound quality cannot be cheap in any way. If you choose headphones for long-term use and want to get a good sound, then do not forget to try on and listen to them before buying.