What you can do for low back pain

Low back pain is a common and often painful phenomenon: eight out of ten adults will experience it at some point. Back muscle overload is the most likely cause. You can do a lot yourself to prevent low back pain and to promote recovery.  
It can just happen to you: suddenly it shoots in your back and you can no longer stand upright due to the stabbing pain. It is popularly called ‘spit’, the medical term is ‘lumbago’. Low back pain can also develop gradually. The pain is somewhere between the lower ribs and buttocks and can radiate into the hips and legs. Especially moving is painful, getting out of bed or sitting down can be quite a task. You can easily find Back Pain Treatment in Mumbai
Incorrect taxationResearch shows that low back pain almost always results from improper loading of the lower back muscles. This may be due to an incorrect sitting position, especially in the car or behind the computer, but also due to incorrect lifting, high body weight, or little movement. Psychological tension can also lead to the unconscious long-term tightening of the back muscles.

The muscles in the lower back have an important function for good posture, but also help to carry the weight of everything we lift and carry. This double function makes the back muscles vulnerable to anything that is heavy, is performed in one position for too long, or happens too suddenly. This applies to those who want to compensate for their sedentary work in the gym with vigorous exercise. But a heavy school bag can also cause overload in the long term. Pregnant women can suffer from back pain due to their changed body position.

To keep movingLow back pain almost always goes away on its own. Sometimes within a few days, usually within a few weeks, sometimes it takes a few months. Giving the muscles a lot of rest seems a logical solution. But that is counterproductive, say physiotherapists. The best way to get rid of the pain is to keep moving, for example by walking regularly. Cycling or swimming is also good. But take it easy; research from Maastricht University shows that some people start to move so much with low back pain that they overload their teased muscles. More visit spine specialist in Mumbai

Sitting for a long time is not good, especially on that comfortable soft chair or sofa. A hard, straight chair is better, possibly with a cushion in the lower back. Put the car seat upright. Lift as little as possible. Avoid bending over and twisting movements. Preferably use paracetamol as a pain reliever. A warm shower, hot water bottle or heat compress helps relax the muscles.

Healthy weight
You can reduce the risk of back pain with a healthy weight and good condition. Besides exercise, physical, but also mental relaxation is important. Lower your knees if you need to lift something. Those who sit a lot of benefit from sitting upright, changing sitting positions regularly, and walking a little every now and then.
In some cases, it is wise to visit a doctor. For example, if the pain is unbearable or does not subside if there is a tingling in the legs, control problems over the bowel or bladder, or pain that radiates far into the legs.