Why are Fireworks so popular in the UK?

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The firework industry is booming in the UK positively and rapidly. You cannot think of any big major event such as weddings, Olympic games, parties, and festivals without the fireworks. The spectacular colorful and bright view that excites us is the only reason why fireworks are so popular. Several events have fireworks throughout the year. These events include Diwali, patriotic events, or big weddings.

Are Fireworks Legal In The UK?

There are several companies selling category one to three fireworks. Arrow Red Star is one of the authentic websites offering the best variety of Sparklers for sale. In the UK, there are four categories of fireworks. Category one is allowed for everyone and it includes minor fireworks such as party poppers and sparklers. category two is legal for people over 18 ages while category four is illegal for people to buy. No one except for the professional firers is allowed to buy category four fireworks.

Category two and three fireworks are called ‘Adult fireworks’ and are not allowed for people under 18. According to UK law, you must not set off fireworks of any category in the street or public areas. Also, it is against the law for people to set off fireworks of any category between 11 pm to 7 pm. The exceptions are certain occasions like Diwali, Chinese New Year, or new year.

Bonfire Night in London

Bonfire Night is an occasion celebrated in the UK that is associated with fireworks. The Bonfire is celebrated each year in London that marks a historic moment. Because of its history before, this day was known as Guy Fawkes night but it is now more commonly called Bonfire Night. On the 5th November of every year, the skies are filled with colourful fireworks and people enjoy the traditional Bonfire Night with their families.

Some Unknown Facts About Fireworks

  1. Fireworks were first originated in China around 2000 years ago. And today it is estimated that China is producing 90% of the fireworks.
  2. In England, fireworks were first used at the royal wedding. The Queen herself was fond of fireworks and that day is celebrated as a suitable occasion for the pyrotechnic party.
  3. There used to be a fire master of England who was positioned by Queen Elizabeth. And as the best firework maker, he took the charge of all displays related to the royal family.
  4. According to Guinness World Records, the biggest display of fireworks was held in the Philippines. That display lasted for more than an hour.
  5. The company Walt Disney is said to be the biggest consumer of fireworks in the world. According to an estimate, they spend up to 50 million a year on their display.

Most people in the UK do not know the historic symbolism behind firework displays every year, but the legacy is alive and fireworks continue to thrill people of all ages and amaze their minds at all times of the year.

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