Why Backup G Suite? Is it Necessary?

why g suite backup

Although tools are available to protect G-Suite, most tools need to implement a complete data protection solution to protect various other operating systems and applications. The problem is that many companies don’t need a backup software application to back up everything because they only have one thing: Google G-Suite.

Why Backup G-Suite? Risks Explained

The first question that most SME owners will ask themselves is: why should I make a full backup of Google G-Suite? Google hasn’t done it yet? The answer to the second question is yes, but Google has backed up to protect Google and not the organizations that use the platform. There are many reasons why companies take their own data protection measures to prevent data loss and loss.

The first risk of Google G-Suite data is accidental deletion by employees. Indeed, users can recover most of these accidental deletions from the Google recycle bin. The problem is that the recycle bin can give the organization a false sense of security because they think that all the recovery can come from the recycle bin and, in fact, accidental user deletion is the only real protection it provides.

The second risk is intentional deletion by users. This usually happens when a user leaves the organization and “cleans up” or wants to delete a file on purpose. When employees follow this path, they almost always empty the trash, permanently deleting the files. Without a backup, the data disappears.

The third risk is if malware has infected the account. The most common example is a malicious software package that infects a user’s laptop, which then encrypts all the data on the laptop, including the data in the user’s Google Drive folder. This data is then synchronized with the cloud, encrypting all the data that the user has access to in the cloud, including shared directories. Since most organizations provide free folder access to all users, this potentially means that all data shared by laptop users is encrypted.

The ultimate risk, and probably the most dangerous, is if access to the administrator account is compromised in any way. Once compromised, the new account owner can change all passwords and take the company hostage. Alternatively, it can delete the entire account and actually eliminate the company, potentially putting the company out of business.

In addition to data loss, there are other data risks, including the fear of data loss because sensitive data is transferred to private or shared accounts outside the domain.

Solution to Backup G Suite Data

Although there are solutions that can back up Google G-Suite, most are tightly integrated with corporate backup applications, making installation and operation more difficult. Many G-Suite organizations are just G-Suite organizations and don’t need to protect anything else because G-Suite has all its digital assets.

The SysTools G Suite backup tool is designed to back up G Suite data. Within minutes of running the software, the backup was in progress. Backs up Gmail, contacts, calendar, and documents. The solution is fully automated. Administrators only need to check in occasionally to analyze the number of accounts that have been backed up.

Note that this software is only a backup solution. It does not restore data to the G Suite application. However, since the tool already exists on your system, you have complete control over the backup process. You can choose the type of file format for data backup. The software provides multiple file formats for the same file, namely:

  • PST,
  • MBOX,
  • EML,
  • MSG.

Some other software features include:

  • G Suite backup for business email, contacts, calendar, and documents
  • Support for backing up individual domain user accounts and G Suite user
  • Unlimited size of mailbox data
  • Select categories of data and apply filters for custom backups
  • Save contacts as vCard in original format, save calendars as .ics files and documents

The data has been transferred from Google’s servers to your local system, so you can save it to any secure location. If the Google cloud fails catastrophically, SysTools users can easily get their data from a backup location.

The solution allows organizations to use a separate location to store backup data instead of using their Google Account. Account separation means that if your primary Google Account is compromised for some reason, you can still access your backup data. If bad actors detect the account and delete it, the organization would simply need to recreate the account and restore the data from local files.

Our Vision

In SysTools, we know the risks associated with data stored in the cloud. As usual, the weak point is the user. There are many solutions that provide G Suite backup services. However, not everyone is eager for expensive services. Therefore, we launched the SysTools G Suite backup tool, ideal for companies of any size. Knowing that your data is safe in another location allows users to protect their data and sleep better at night.