Why Does Your Home Stink?

An ultra-fresh scent welcomes you when you visit a hotel. You want your house to smell exactly like that. However, you have unwanted moisture, kids, pets, shower drain and smelly dishwasher in your house. No one finds it pleasant. Want to get rid of it? Make sure that you clean your house on a regular basis. In case you cannot find the source of the bad smell, let a Baltimore home cleaning company make your house smell fresh again. 

The following are the most common sources of bad smell. 

  • Trash Can     
  • Wet Clothing 
  • Your Pets 
  • Bedding 
  • Front-load washer 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Garbage disposal 

Trash Can  

Garbage stinks, especially when there is spills and crumbs built up. This forms a bad odor that lingers in your house. Empty trash can on a regular basis. Don’t ignore your trash can. Clean it using diluted bleach to avoid any build-up. You can use an air freshener in your house. You will get a burst of freshness. However, nothing can help if you don’t clean your trash can.          

Wet Clothing 

You have a basket to keep dirty clothes in your bathroom. However, you have a humid environment in your bathroom. Your clothes are exposed to steam from showers. This is an ideal environment for bacterial growth. This also makes your bathroom stink. Do laundry. Don’t keep wet dirty clothes in your bathroom.         


They too get smelly. Hair fall in pets promotes the growth of bacteria. It is likely to get nasty. Even if your pet hates it, bathe your pet more often. At least once a week, clean the place where your pet eats and sleeps. Don’t use harsh chemicals. Use water and soap. Vacuum under sofas and beds to remove hair. 


Your body oils and dirt can make your sheets smell. Therefore, wash them on a regular basis. If you take a morning shower, wash your sheets on a weekly basis. If you take a shower at night, wash your sheets every two weeks. 

Front-Load Washer 

Water heater, water purifier, dishwasher and many other household appliances use water. When you don’t clean and service appliances on a regular basis, you actually promote mold growth. This further promotes the growth of smelly bacteria. When you open and close the door of your washer, moisture gets trapped in the seal. There can be smelly mold growth. Don’t close the door immediately after use. Wait for a few hours. Wipe down the door with a mixer of baking soda and white vinegar.


Mold and smell are common in dishwashers. Mold spores grow fast in a warm, damp environment. Make sure that there are no food particles in the dishwasher. Flush out the interior by running empty dry-heat cycles. Look for the signs of mold in the dishwasher. Clean it before it becomes smelly. 

Garbage Disposal 

This is another culprit of bad kitchen odor. Wipe clean the inside of the garbage disposal. Grime trapped underneath the drain should be removed immediately. 

When you cannot figure out why there is a bad smell in your house or you find it hard to clean your house on your own, hire a Baltimore house cleaning company.