Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for Your Home

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is the quality of the air in your home and when poor, it is unpleasant to breathe. The unclean air and can pose dangers to you or your family. Indoor air quality has grown to be important over the recent years to building owners and most individuals. Indoor quality air is important to everyone and most especially if you have allergies. Your home’s air can affect your health without you even knowing. Breathing quality indoor air is crucial for good health.

Poor indoor quality can result in avoidable health problems. When one experiences poor indoor quality, there are some immediate symptoms that they can feel. For example, headaches, coughing, worsening of asthma, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or even dizziness.

When your air quality is low and your home is too humid, there are signs you see. For example; constant moist spots, your wallpaper is peeling, stuffy odors, sticky feeling in the air, and condensation stains on the ceiling and frost on windows. But also, whenever your humidity in your home is too low, you see some symptoms. For instance; Dry itchy skin, some damage to household furnishings, chapped lips, cracking wallpaper, sore throats, excess allergies, wood cracking.

Importance of High Indoor Quality Air

1. Improves productivity and less sick days in the workplace.

Studies have proved that high indoor air quality boosts productivity up to 27% more. In addition to that, individuals say that they slept better than before. This goes to show it has undeniable benefits and it is crucial for your space to get the best out of yourself.

2. Helps to improve decision-making skills

There have been studies conducted that proved that high indoor quality helps improve individual decision-making skills. In the study, there higher scores when workers were exposed to increased ventilation rates. The results displayed advances in areas that had tested how workers used the information to make strategic decisions.

3. Controls and Balances Humidity

There are effects when the humidity is either high or low. High indoor air quality helps to maintain a balance and hence no effects like mold or chapped lips.

4. Prevent Allergies and Other Health Problems

The high quality of air indoors helps to prevent allergies and other problems. The invisible particles usually in your air may result in some health complications. Also, mold and mildew could cause lots of health conditions.

5. Keeps a continuous flow of fresh air in your home

While opening your home windows is an option to boost air quality, it only works in pleasant weather. Correspondingly, open your windows can invite more allergens into your home. The solution to this can be getting the best air purifier with washable filter. It comes with scent packs that makes your air smell fresh after purifying it.

How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Reduce moisture levels and increase ventilation

High levels of humidity in the house create the ideal environment for dust mites and mold. Make sure you leave a window open especially when you are showering or cooking. Furthermore, clean your ventilation and replace old filters often.

Prevent mold

Mold is an indicator of a current issue with poor air quality as it requires time with consistent humidity to grow. Physically removing mold is the most effective way to ensure it is removed entirely and won’t grow back. On the other hand, some homeowners use mothballs in clothes. It leaves a smell and this lowers the indoor air quality. Thus, one must find out how to get rid of mothball smell and should be cautious not to use anything that lowers the air quality.

Choose Natural Laundry Detergent and Air Dry your Laundry

Laundry detergents sometimes contain high concentrations of irritating scents. Choose a natural detergent that has no scent. Also, remember to store your cleaners away in sealed containers. Additionally, dryers make the indoor quality poor by producing a humid atmosphere in the house. Choose to air-dry your clothes or guarantee enough air and complete drying.