Why use Video Marketing with the help of Free Animation Software?

Social networks have now become the most important members of online activities. Taking Hong Kong as an example, I believe that no viewers have not heard of or used social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google Plus. Therefore, many businesses will choose to buy ads on Facebook, YouTube, etc. to promote their brands. One is cheaper, and the other is easier to reach the target customer (for example Facebook ads can choose the target customer’s age, gender, interest, etc. Therefore Free Animation Software holds its worth in the today’s era. Let us first understand why we should use video marketing.

There are different types of social networks, such as Twitter which is mainly text, YouTube and Vimeo which are mainly videos, Instagram and Pinterest which are mainly pictures, and Facebook which emphasizes both pictures and texts. Friends who use YouTube may have noticed that there are more and more YouTube ads nowadays. Basically, a video ad will appear every two videos you watch. You must watch the 5-seconds ad before you can press skip to continue. Occasionally, it is mandatory to watch 30-second promotional videos. Obviously, more and more businesses are using videos for promotion. As the largest video social network, YouTube is certainly trying its best to connect advertisers and users.

The advantages of using video for publicity are:

  • First, dynamic things are easier to attract the attention of target customers than static ones;
  • Second, it is easier to understand the content than customers reading and listening;
  • Third, using changes and coordination on the screen or sound, the film more able to grasp the mood of target customers.  

Some friends may notice that even Facebook has gradually strengthened its video medium not long ago.

For example:

1. Videos placed on Facebook will already be played automatically (but will be muted to avoid disturbing users), forcing users to start watching the video

2. The number of video views (Views) that have recently appeared under the video can further understand the popularity of the video.

“I understand the importance of the film, but how to make it?”

There are the following methods:

  • If you are a novice using Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker to make simple graphic videos. If you are a Mac user, you can use iMovie.
  • Advanced may use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere production.
  • Friends who don’t want to make their own can also pay for freelance production. There are cheap and high-quality video advertising production service providers on websites such Fiverr (please check which review before buying). Personally, I think Fiverr, the price is relatively cheap, and generally, 5-20 US dollars also have acceptable quality movies; although oDesk is more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed.
  • There is a Free Animation Software that can be used to create your animation video. The most popular and widely spreading software is Mango Animate Animation Maker. This is one of the best online video production tools, using a simple interface. There is a library of SVG images, SWFs, animation widgets and lots more which you may use to make your video more of a interactive.

Suggested video mode:

  • Whiteboard video (cheap, good effect)
  • Narrative video (more expensive, best effect if it is interesting)
  • Product promotion video (It depends)