What is the Difference Between a Window Cling and Window Decal?

Window Cling and Window Decal

Marketing and advertisements have become inseparable from the business. Be it a smaller product or a very costly one, business people tend to find customers getting attracted to advertisements.

The best strategy that business owners feel regarding advertisements is doing them on the window. This helps in reaching their business to a larger crowd.

If you are confused between buying window decals, and window clings, then it is high time that you note their differences. Because this will help you choose the best for your business, please pick up the threads of reading to know more about window clings and decals.

Window Decals and Its Types

If you are interested in promoting your business, company or product, then window decals can be the best option. They are similar to stickers but with many differences concerning size and lasting effect.

Decals are a perfect fit for any surface that can be flat and clean. This kind of surface ensures better service from the decals. These decals are mostly used upon walls, windows and can also be used upon vehicles. They are also available in various sizes and comfortably customizable.

These decals are categorized into three main types, namely clear, opaque, and there is also another type called the perforated. All these three types are preferred by people and business owners according to their needs or requirements.

1. Clear Decals:

The first one is a clear decal that is transparent and allows light which is either natural or artificial, to pass through it. Thus, the customers can look through the decals inside the store or shop.

2. Opaque Decals:

The next one is an opaque decal that does not allow light to pass through. Thus, the customers cannot look through the decal.

3. Perforated Decals:

The last type is the perforated decal which allows visibility only in a single direction. With these decals, the person inside the store can flee the world outside, and the vice-versa is impossible.

Window Clings

Window clings are a bit different from window decals. In decals, there is an adhesive that will be used to stick them to your walls or windows. But this is not the same with clings, as they do not have the adhesive type of backing.

These clings are much different and can also be considered a part of the invention. Moreover, these slings can only be used upon a flat surface such as glass. This is because they get stuck on the windows or glass only with the force of electricity that is static. That is the reason why these clings cannot be placed over concrete or woods, and other kinds of surfaces.

These window clings can be printed with any kind of product which you want to display and can also be customized with proper sizing. These are made of vinyl and are flexible, and can be moved easily.

Comparison Between Clings and Decals

It is important that you spend some time researching and analyzing both of these products. Comparing them with each other can provide you with a clear picture of how each works.

It can also provide you with an easy yet efficient and satisfying way of choosing the best from the two. So, have a dive into a few comparisons such as:

Placing of the Materials:

Placing the clings and decals depends upon your choice. They can be placed within your company, or they can also be placed outside your office or company. But if you are trying to figure out which will be the best option for placing outside the office or shop. Then, it is definitely decals.

This is because they do not get adversely affected by natural phenomena such as rain or cold weather. This does not get damaged upon sunlight also.

On the other hand, if you look at clings, you have to think about having them outside your office or store because there are high chances that they get damaged under such conditions.

Positioning or Installation:

In the case of decals, they have a backup that is made up of adhesive. Thus, it is important that you find the best position or location before the complete installation process.

Since they have this sticky glue behind them, it is not very easy to reposition these window decals after they have been completely installed.

On the other hand, is the window clings? They can be easily repositioned even after complete installation. If you find that the first position that you have installed is not proper or attractive, you can efficiently move the clings to another location easily. This process is much easier because they do not have a backing that is made up of adhesive.

The Bottom Line!

Both window decals and clings can be customized in all shapes, sizes, formats, and designs according to the customers’ requirements. Both of them are affordable and can be available in various ranges of colours. Thus, please take some time and think about both decals and clings, then choose the best one that can match all your needs from Signs NY.