Writing and earning through a Blog

how to start a blog

Writing and maintaining a blog takes a lot of time if you plan to do everything right. One post is sometimes created for up to 8 hours. Someone will be frightened when they read this and will give up at the very thought of doing something for 8 hours for which they may not be paid, while there will be a few of you who will catch the word ‘creation’ in that sentence. The blog gives you the opportunity to create something, to express yourself somehow, to keep the child inside you, to be your own. It is one of the most popular Side Hustle all around the world.

Making money through blogging and collaboration – which is important

  1. Patience– I hope you don’t start writing a blog just to make money, it’s not a good motivator, love is a great motivator and the desire to help someone with your content, stick to it.
  2. Quality content – if you are original, your own and have quality photos, then you will jump into the sea of ​​blogs that spring up every day. If someone pays you for your work, they will use the created content for their channels, so that content must be of good quality. Rarely will anyone pay you if you take a photo for a blog with a mobile phone, because then he can do almost nothing with that photo. Companies can use your photos to print flyers, brochures, and presentations, print them on their product, and make posters out of them and the like. Quality is important.
  3. The number of followers and the readability of the blog – this is important, but not so much. The most important thing is that you did not buy them, I mean, for example, if you organized a gift and conditioned them to like you, someone will like you only because of that award but not because they are interested in your content (prize hunters), some will like immediately after the gift, you will ruin your rank, and some will remain as followers only they will never like or comment on anything and again you did not get anything. Let people come by themselves if they are interested in the content you offer.
  4. Be enterprising – I have a lot of ideas, many of them I would not have been able to realize if I had not contacted a company for cooperation. Don’t wait for someone to discover you, discover yourself. To me, this is by no means an honor, fight for yourself and your readers. Of course, there were companies that didn’t even respond to my e-mail, but there were also those that did. Someone will recognize your idea, someone won’t, don’t give up, I didn’t.
  5. Money or compensation – both, at least for me. A lot of collaboration has also been done for compensation, e.g. someone will give me one mixer, one I will share with you, great compensation. But, of course, each blogger will work at his own discretion and as he sees fit.

So, once you know, how to start a blog, you can always make good money with it.