10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Accountants in Glasgow

If you are hiring an accountant for the first time, you are probably full of questions. No matter why you have decided to hire accountants Glasgow – whether you are a business owner, a self employed person, an industry specialist or a property owner – you should definitely come to your first appointment with relevant questions. 

You need to assess whether the accountant is right for your needs, and by asking the right questions, you can get to the bottom of whether it will be the right fit. 

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Here are 10 questions to ask before hiring accountants in Glasgow!

How long have you worked as an accountant?

Asking your accountant for their experience level is your first port of call. Everybody starts somewhere in their career, so if your accountant doesn’t have twenty years of experience behind them, this isn’t a reason NOT to hire them – but of course, as much experience as possible is preferable.

Can you improve my current accounting system?

One reason you might be hiring an accountant is to improve the way you document and account for your finances, be it personal or business related. 

If you are assessing whether your new accountant will fit with your needs, you can ask them how they might improve your current system. If they can provide concrete ideas for how they’d tackle this, they are probably the right person for the job!

What services do you recommend for my situation?

Every person’s financial situation is unique, so it is crucial that your accountant understands yours. You should ensure they are on the same page as you – and asking them to recommend specific services will give you an answer to that. 

Can you provide me with references from previous clients?

A reputable accountant will have plenty of references from previous clients that they can provide to you. If your prospective accountant can’t provide these, it is a potential red flag deterring you from entering into business with them. 

How are your fees calculated?

All accountants have specific fees, and as a potential client, you should be asking for a breakdown of how these are calculated, to ensure that transparency is being respected on all sides.

What is your typical response time for clients?

If you are likely to need to contact your accountant often, it is important to ensure that you can contact them in a time-efficient manner, be it by phone or email.

How will you improve my business’ tax preparation?

If you run a business, you will always be searching for ways to better prepare for tax season. Your new accountant should be able to help you with this.

What information should I prove you with?

Your questions shouldn’t just be about what they can do for you, but what you can do for your accountant to make the whole relationship go smoothly. 

Have you worked in my industry before?

Certain industries, such as the medical industry or legal industry, need specialist accountants to handle their finances. Is your new accountant the right person for your industry?

What is your data privacy policy?

Data protection is a huge conversation in contemporary culture, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Your account should be able to show you their data privacy policy, explaining how they store your information, and what, if anything, they use it for.

Final Thoughts

Asking the right questions gets you further in life, and accountancy is no different! To find the best accountants Glasgow has to offer, contact us for more information.