12 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Bra Size and Fit

Shopping for a bra isn’t easy. Plenty of women get the size and fit of their bra wrong. If you’re tired of ending up with a bra that digs into your skin or slips off your shoulders, then here are expert tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

The Band Offers the Support

While the cups hold your breasts in place, the band is the one that’s actually supporting the bra. If your band and cup fit well, then that’s how to find the bra with the perfect fit. That said, don’t just concentrate on the cup when you shop around, whether for women’s bralette or bra.

Know Your Size

You’d think this was easy, but there’s a wide variety of sizes when it comes to bras. Also, you need to know your sister size as well. If the bra doesn’t fit you in your true or regular size, then check out the fit in your sister size.

Figure Out Your Size

Know your bra size and band size. That way, you won’t have to worry about your size. Just make sure you take your measurements regularly. Age and changes in weight affect your size.

Round Up

Not all breasts are the same in size. If one of yours is bigger than the other, then it’s best to round up in size. You can get a cutlet for the smaller breast or put in removable pads for that size.

Too Small

If your cups are too small, then that could result in extra weight on the straps. That’s one reason why your straps are digging into your shoulders.

Too Big

Another possible reason why the straps are digging into your shoulders is that your band is too loose. It means that the straps are doing all the work for you.

Slipping Straps

This is another sign that your cups are much too big. You’ll need to adjust that when you shop around.

Problematic Band

Is the band suffocating you? Or does it feel too loose? Are you not filling up those cups? That means you might want to go down a size. Big cups could be causing the straps to fall.

Snug Fit

If you feel like the band is too tight, that’s not ideal. If the band leave something close to a welt, then that’s too small for you. Find a band that fits snug instead.

Different Terms

When you shop around, be sure to know what the terms mean. For instance, full bust and full figure as well as plus size don’t all mean the same thing. If you’ve been shopping for a bra and you’ve been using these terms interchangeably, then time to know the difference.

Different Materials

There are different materials for different purposes. A sports bra is different from a convertible bra from a bra with no underwire. Explore your options.

Doesn’t Last Forever

Replace your bras. They aren’t meant to last forever. If they’re starting to wear or the fit isn’t comfortable any longer, start checking out new options.