3 Steps to Create Perfect Study Plan for High School Students

Study Plan

Study Plan

Success is not an accident. It a long process of handwork, scheduling, planning, and sacrificing the things you love. Studying and planning is an essential part of the learning process.

One way to balance our academic and social life is by creating a study plan. A plan for study is a well-organized schedule for achieving learning goals. Making a detailed plan is a crucial step in the studying process because it helps you stay in order, reduces anxiety, and also helps in keeping you track of what you have got to do. Below is a jam-packed three-step guide on how to make a perfect study plan.

1. Get Help From Current Schedule:

The first step in creating a timetable is analyzing your current timetable. When you go hand-in-hand with the current schedule, it will be easy to maintain it. Make sure your plan harmonies with your school schedule. Get help from school timetable management software to make your study plan. It will enable you to be more efficient with your time and utilize it to the full extent. Determine which timing suits you the most.

2. Allot Time To Activities & Subjects:

The next step is to determine how much time you want to allot to each subject. The best trick is to prioritize the courses that need extra attention. You can make a list of contents and then select them based on difficulty and prioritize them. Give more time to topics and courses which need more understanding or in which you are lacking. The main thing you need to remember while making a plan for study is to make it flexible. Always leave room for any unforeseen situation and extracurricular activities. If you do not want to be a bookworm, then always leave space for tasks.

Take a break after every 2 hours of studying and do something productive and refreshing.

3. Develop a Plan & Stick To It:

Now that you have assessed your plan and allotted fixed time to subjects, the final step is to make it into a planner. Make your planner a detailed one in which you explain each thing. Give yourself some time for sports and other activities. Now that you have developed a study schedule, it will only benefit you if you stick to the schedule. A study schedule works best if it is consistent. Make yourself in-habit of following the study plan, and studying according to it. The best way to stick to a study plan is when it is comfortable enough. Leave time for any activity and then maintain it. After every week, assess your timetable and keep a check whether you have achieved your goals or not. You can also evaluate your plan after a month and then can change it according to the results.  Make such a plan that helps you manage your study schedules and help you be more productive and efficient.

For keeping track of your planner set reminders and strictly follows your plan. Do not let yourself distract from your goals. Make a plan that will balance your personal, school, and social life.