3 Ways You Can Make Money Of Your Old Car

Are you looking the sell any car Dubai? Or have you already found your new car? Then the question arises now at the latest: What do I do with my old vehicle? And how do I get money for it in the best case?

You have certainly experienced a lot with your used vehicle – regardless of its quirks, you probably don’t want to scrap it or simply give it away. On the other hand, the market for used cars is partly oversaturated, which is noticeably depressing prices. The tightening of the emission standards does the rest. We will show you what options are available to you to turn your used vehicle into money.

1. Export used cars abroad

Of course, you can try to sell your used car outside of Austria. However, since our vehicles are quite expensive to purchase due to the NoVA, buying an Austrian used vehicle is hardly worthwhile for our immediate neighbors. Finding buyers in Dubai, for example, will prove extremely difficult. A more profitable option here can be to sell to more distant countries. Africa, in particular,r is a good export countryBesidesars.

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Please note: Regardless of whether you organize the transfer yourself or entrust it to an export company, there are costs here. This will probably be done by the buyer, which of course affects the overall price of the deal. However, if the residual value of your used car is very low, this can still be a worthwhile option. The lower the vehicle value, the sooner an export can pay off.

Our conclusion: Exporting your used car abroad is rather uncommon, but in certain cases, it can be successful.

2. Car sales to the dealer

Exchanging the used car at the dealer when buying a new car is one of the most convenient options. In return, you usually accept somewhat worse conditions. Other dealerships specialize in buying and selling used cars (some kindly leave their business cards on the side window of your parked car). In this case, you are spared private sales on the free market – you have to cut back on the sales price here as well. On the one hand, the dealer would like to do good business with you and then resell the purchased vehicle at an attractive and worthwhile price.

Our conclusion: It is best to offer your old vehicle to several dealers in your area so that you can compare offers. You can find a guideline for the actual vehicle value, for example, from Eurotax (free for ÖAMTC members). Also, get an idea of ​​the selling prices of comparable vehicles by doing research online. Without a price comparison, we advise against selling a car to the nearest dealer in the neighborhood. As a rule, better prices can be achieved when selling advertisements or online.

3. Private advertisements: Success through personal contact

One of the most common methods of getting rid of used cars as a private individual is through an advertisement on the Internet or in newspapers. Here you not only reach a very large audience by besides your old car directly from home. As a rule, you can achieve higher sales prices on the common car exchanges than when exchanging or selling to a dealer.

Please note: Many private customers will renegotiate when buying a car and try to keep the price down as far as possible. Your supposedly impeccable vehicle will be put through its padded worthwhyear besidesittle detail will be criticized. Besides, you need to invest time and patience in sales pitches, sightseeing, and test drives.

Our conclusion: Selling cars through advertisements on the Internet or newspapers can defiorthwhile in terms of price. Especially when the vehicle is in good condition. However, if you have little time or do not like to negotiate prices, you should think about other alternatives.