5 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Heating Contractor

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When your HVAC system dies on you in the middle of winter, you’ll have no other choice but to find a contractor that offers heating repair in Chandler. While it’s tempting to look for a handyman or go online for a DIY solution, finding a skilled and experienced HVAC technician is the best move for you. Make sure you make a sound hiring decision, though, or you could end up with problems in the long run. Here are questions to help you search for the right professional.

What kind of experience does the contractor have?

When you hire a service company, make sure it will send a qualified service technician to your door. Find a firm that has someone on their team who is familiar with your system’s model and repair history. This is also a good time to ask if the company’s technicians update their knowledge and hone through skills through continuous training. With new models that come out every year, staying up-to-date is essential.

What is the quality of the work?

Look for services with a reputation for delivering excellent results. That’s one way to find a contractor who will ensure the best outcome. Research about the firm to find out more. Get referrals, so you can ask former clients about their experience with the company. Was it positive? Did they get the best results? If the firm doesn’t have a list of referrals to hand over, that’s a possible red flag. A company that’s been in service for years should have a long list of clients to recommend it. If that isn’t the case, that indicates a problem. Look elsewhere.

How much will it cost?

Be clear about the rates when you hire a service contractor. Does the company charge extra for heating repairs? Some don’t. Others do. Some may also charge you if you require emergency repairs in the middle of the night, before the crack of dawn, or during the holidays and weekends. Others offer repair services during a late workday at no extra charge. Find out how much the company will charge you and if the services you need will get you extra charges.

What type of brands are available?

In case your heater is a lost cause, can the firm replace the unit instead? What kind of heater brands does the company carry? Take a look beforehand, so you’ll know what your options are if you end up choosing the service company.

What do the reviews say?

Choose a firm that comes with plenty of positive reviews. A negative review or two should be taken with a grain of salt, so it probably won’t have any influence on your hiring decision. However, if there are too many complaints, that’s a red flashing sign. Don’t take the risk of getting a repair service with a bad rep, so you won’t deal with unethical business practices. Also, note down details from the reviews that give insight into the company, how it works, what kind of service quality they provide, what their heating systems are like, and more.