5 Rules to Save Money on Fridge this summer


Summer can be pretty dangerous for food. At times it becomes tough to keep food fresh. However, a fridge helps a lot in preserving food and keeping them fresh. During this time, refrigerator breakdowns are the worst as they a lot of time to repair. It has an adverse effect on food items. You might end up throwing them away. 

Videocon refrigerators are packed with the best manufacturing facilities and features. So, instead of wasting your time on buying a low-quality fridge and spend huge amounts on its repair, better invest in a quality fridge like the videocon refrigerators.

Few of the best videocon refrigerators – 

Videocon is the most preferred refrigerator when it comes to buying one for the house. Some of the best videocon refrigerators that you need to consider while purchasing are: 

Videocon VZ263ME Double Door Refrigerator This videocon refrigeration supports 250 litres weightage and includes features like child locking of the doors and deodorizers. This double door refrigerator comes along with 3 stars energy rating. The cooling technology has a frost-free feature as well. It promises to keep your food and fruits fresh for days.

Videocon VZ293SECSS Double Door Refrigerator 

Another one making it to the list of the best videocon refrigerators is Videocon VZ293SECSS Double Door Refrigerator. As the name suggests, this is a double-door refrigerator that comes with a deodorizer feature. Also, this refrigerator has a 3-star rating for saving energy and is packed for other features like corner cooling. This model’s look is excellent and can well complement different kinds of places where it is placed at.  

Videocon VPP 241 EISV Double Door Refrigerator 

Another excellent pick in the list of videocon refrigerators is the Videocon VPP 241 EISV Double Door Refrigerator. This perfect double door fridge comes with a considerable capacity of 235 litres. However, this refrigerator model’s energy consumption is relatively high, and the energy rating accounts for only 1 star. 

On the other hand, this Videocon refrigerator has a superb interior, and the exterior has a great design that might attract a considerable quantum of customers. 

Tips to save money 

Some tips and tricks will help you save money once you have made up your mind to buy the best videocon refrigerators available in the market. 

Do not shove it up against the wall

To save the refrigerator from any harm, you need to stop yourself from pushing it totally against the wall. Pulling, it forward as little as 1-inch will reduce the energy consumption of the fridge. 

Organizing properly

Organizing the fridge and keeping the items where they belong will give you the maximum output. You need to store the juice and condiments in the door. Since the top shelves are comparatively cold, keep your leftover items there. Videocon refrigerators come with the perfect solution to store all your food items properly.

Keep it low, don’t overpack

You need to give your fridge enough space to circulate the airflow properly. It will help in keeping the food items cold and fresh. To bring out maximum efficiency, you need to clean your fridge on a regular basis. Get rid of questionable leftovers and expired items. This will keep the fridge bacteria-free and will also allow enough fresh air to circulate.

Don’t ignore the coils

The dust that you sweep every day sticks to the coils of the fridge. When the coils get dirty, your fridge needs to overwork to keep things cool and consumes more energy. This results in a lot of wastage of electricity.

Do not play with the temperature

If your refrigerator does not come with an in-built thermometer, then buy one. You need to make sure that your fridge is not too cold, as these results in wastage of a lot of energy. Also, if your fridge is warm, all your food items will get spoiled. Therefore, it is suggested to keep an average temperature all the time.


The videocon refrigerators are one of the best picks if you are trying to opt for a cooling service that acts more like an asset for your kitchen and food. 

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