7 Factors to Consider When Selecting Commercial Cleaners

Your company is on crunch time for a project that you’re working on. So, the last thing you need is employees calling out sick. If you don’t take measures to keep your office building clean, however, this is exactly what you’ll have to deal with. 

You would be surprised at the number of germs swarming around your desk, doorknobs, and anything else you touch. All it takes is a single staff member getting sick to send everyone home with a stuffy nose. The only way to stop this from happening is by selecting commercial cleaners to come in and sanitize the place. 

Finding the right company for the job isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll have to do a thorough background check before letting someone in after-hours to spruce things up. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right service for the job. 

1. Create a List of Your Needs

Does your office see a revolving door of clients throughout the day? If so, you’ll need a company armed with industrial sweepers to keep your parking lot clean. Do you generate tons of trash? 

These are all specific needs that you’ve got to take a tally of before you hire a company to come in and clean for you. By letting the service know what your cleaning needs are, they’ll be able to figure out how many employees they should send in. 

When you’re making a list of what has to be wiped down, be as specific as possible. Not only will this help the cleaning company work as efficiently as possible, but they may also be able to offer you a package based on your needs. 

2. Experience 

A startup company might have all the commercial cleaning tools needed to leave your office spotless. As far as experience goes, however, that’s something that they’re lacking. 

They might not be able to handle certain emergencies as they come up. There’s a good chance that they’ve never worked for a business like yours. That means they may be a little clueless when it comes to tackling your unique needs. 

3. Check Out Reviews

If you have any friends in your industry, ask them who they go through for office cleaning. This should give you a list of services that you can pull from. 

From there, it’s time for you to do a bit of your own research. Head to Google to look for online customer reviews. You should be able to read customer comments but take these with a grain of salt. 

People who have a good have something good to say rarely review on Google. That’s why it’s important to go to a company’s site before you rule them out. 

You’ll see several testimonials from actual business owners who’ve hired the cleaning company in the past. Reading these should give you some valuable insight. 

4. Your Budget

While you should consider your wallet when comparing cleaning fees, your budget shouldn’t be a huge deciding factor on the company you choose. Chances are, if the price seems too good to be true, it is. 

Don’t skimp on quality to get a good deal. If a company seems a little out of your grasp money-wise, talk to them about opening up a contract. Nine times out of ten, it’s cheaper to do things that way rather than hire a company for a one-time job. 

5. Scheduling

There’s nothing like walking into a freshly cleaned workspace first thing in the morning. It does wonders for morale, so if you can, you want to schedule cleaning services to come in bright and early before you open. 

That’s not really possible if your facility runs 24/7 or you still have employees in the office for the graveyard shift. This is where things get complicated. You don’t want the sound of loud carpet cleaners halting regular business operations, after all.

You’ll have to ask the company to come in and clean rooms that aren’t being used. They’ll have to return to handle the rest during the weekend when you’re closed. Finding a cleaning service to agree to these terms is a top priority. 

6. Insurance

Let’s say that the cleaning company is wiping down a piece of expensive equipment. They end up spraying some of the sensitive wiring components with water, short-circuiting the entire system. 

If the company doesn’t have liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for repairs instead of the cleaning service that dealt the damage. Depending on what state you’re in, most companies are required to have worker’s compensation insurance. 

If the cleaning service you hire doesn’t have it, you’ll have to pay their employee’s hospital bills if they’re hurt while cleaning up your facility.  

7. Industry Experience 

This is a little different than having general cleaning experience. You want a company that knows your particular industry. You’ll have specific needs depending on what kind of work you do. 

For example, most medical facilities have to adhere to strict sanitation guidelines. Not every cleaning service is equipped to handle that. 

Selecting Commercial Cleaners to Keep Your Business Spotless  

If you leave your office building unsanitized, it will halt your progress. You’ll have more employees calling out sick, and the poor air quality will set off the allergies of many. 

Having a dirty building also doesn’t make you look too professional in the eyes of clients, and your employees won’t be proud to work in a dirty facility. Improve morale and keep your company working like a well-oiled machine by selecting commercial cleaners in your area. 

Cleaning is only one important aspect of running a company. Check out the Business section of our blog for more tips on how to keep your doors open.