8 Chores to Complete on the Relocation Day

“To know about the tasks you need to complete on the move-in day, kindly read this blog”.

Now that your moving day is fixed, I am sure that you have started taking preparation for the day. From creating an inventory to planning the new home decor, you should take care of everything from now on so that there are no confusions later. The earlier you start, the better it is for you.

But once you have moved to the new house with the help of local movers Chicago, make sure you don’t start relaxing! Don’t get too comfortable just yet as you have a lot on your plate.

To know what I am talking about, kindly read the rest of this blog before moving in Chicago.

The first thing that you should do is checking your utilities. If you have transferred them properly, then you have nothing to worry about. However, reaching early and making sure that your home is ready to reside in won’t hurt. You do not want to stay in a house with no gas, running water, air conditioner, etc., right?

Assuming that you have reached before the movers, make sure that the house is clean. If you reach the day before or a few hours before them, get the rooms professionally cleaned. Also when the movers come, start tallying the items with your inventory. Do not sign the document unless you are sure that all your items have arrived and that too, without any kind of dents, scratches or damages. If you find any flaws, report immediately and ask for coverage.

Once this is done, it is time to sort your boxes. I would ask you to hire unpacking services as well, but if you haven’t, then you need to take out some time every day to unpack your boxes. Get the boxes located at the designated rooms so that it is easier for you. You should unpack your essentials at first such as bedding, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, tissue rolls, towels, etc.

If you need to assemble a few furniture pieces, it would be great if you hire professional services from your movers for the same. It is very important that you get them done by experts.

If you have neighbors, go and socialize with them. This is the best time to greet so that you can start making friends at the earliest. You may also join the local gym or library if you want to. Talk to your family about the move. Make sure that your pet is comfortable in the new house. The transition might not be very pleasant to them so you need to keep an eye on them. Feed them well and surround them with their fav toys.

If you are going to start going to the office the next day, then find out the public commute if required. Iron your work clothes and start taking all the necessary preparation.

Make sure your bed is ready by the end of the day. You would be exhausted and thus, a clean and comfy bed is much needed!

Lastly, relax and take it slow. It is okay to feel a lot of emotions or to feel overwhelmed. Trust me, it is totally normal. Take your time to unpack, relax, go around a bit, learn about the new neighborhood, etc. If there is a lot of work left, keep it for the next few days.

So these are a few things that you needed to know before moving. I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog.

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