Add Outlook Contacts to Skype for Business – Top Ways


MS Outlook and Skype are both great in the domain they were developed for. However, Skype offers a few advantages over MS Outlook such as its seamless video calling feature. Due to such reasons, people are switching to Skype for business. The biggest pool of queries arise when users have to add Outlook contacts to Skype for business.

“I have hundreds of PST files in my computer that I want to add to my Skype account for business. But the latter application is not accepting a PST file. What can I do now? It is very urgent.”

This article deals with the exact problem. We will show you two different methods namely manual and an automated way that you can use to add the contacts.

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Manually Add Outlook Contacts to Skype for Business

Skype accepts a VCF file which is a virtual business card file. It consists of relevant fields that can store your details respectively. A VCF file is also called vCard that you can share over multiple platforms to transfer contacts. This manual method works only if you have Outlook installed on your system. If in case your PST file present on your desktop is corrupted or damaged, this method will never work for you. The manual method to add outlook contacts to skype for business is divided into three phases as such.

Phase 1# Outlook Contacts to CSV

  1. Launch Outlook & click on File.
  2. Choose Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. Select Export to a File > Next.
  4. Click on Comma Separated Values.
  5. Select folder to export contacts from.
  6. Search a location to save the file.
  7. Map custom fields & Finish.

Phase 2# Convert CSV to vCard

  1. Go to C:\Users\Admin\Contacts.
  2. Click on Export > CSV > Export.
  3. Choose CSV to export to VCF.
  4. Map custom fields of the contacts.

Phase 3# vCard to Skype

  1. Launch Skype & login.
  2. Go to Contacts > Advanced.
  3. Choose Restore Contacts from the file.
  4. Pick the VCF file you just created.

Automatically Add Outlook Contacts to Skype for Business

Since there are many limitations to manually add Outlook contacts to Skype, many users avoid the manual method. It does not provide the privilege to add a corrupt or orphaned PST file to Skype. This expert method does not require you to install MS Outlook on your system. This means if you are not primarily an Outlook user, you can still convert the PST files lying on your computer. This tool will first convert Outlook contacts to vCard and then you can move it to Skype. It provides multiple advantages that makes it a lucrative option. Also, the manual method would require you to manually match the fields which is a very time-consuming process. Additionally, it will not provide all fields to map your attributes with.

Key Features of the Tool

  1. Add multiple Outlook contacts to Skype in a single attempt.
  2. Supports corrupt, password-protected, orphaned PST files.
  3. Supports all versions of vCard which can be imported to any device.
  4. All attributes & details are preserved and maintain data integrity.
  5. Can merge all contacts in a single VCF or create individual files.

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In this blog, we have explained to you two methods on how you can add Outlook contacts to Skype for business. To save you time and effort, we have also provided an expert solution that overcomes all drawbacks of the manual method. Also, you can work with a damaged PST/OST file with this tool without losing your important data.