Age Proof Affidavit: Process & Use

We have come across many people who don’t remember their date of birth. They face an innumerable number of problems in places where they have to present proof of date of birth. In such cases, they have to resort to attested documents and other items. But what if they have a better option available to them? Age Proof Affidavit is the solution to all the hassles of such people.

What are age proof affidavits?

Also known as Affidavit of live birth, Affidavit of birth certificate, or Date of Birth affidavit, Age proof affidavits are the legal documents that can be used in the place where a person is unable to produce date of birth proofs. This document after attestation from a proper authority will help people by becoming proof of their age. This Age Proof Affidavit can be used for several purposes like acquiring Voter ID’s, Pan Card or even application or job, passport or visa. This affidavit acts as an affirmation for your date of birth.

Where age proof affidavits are required?

Age proof affidavits are required in cases when:

  • A person has lost his/her date of birth proof.
  • A person has incomplete information in his/her date of birth proof
  • The additional supporting document is required for affirmation of date of birth for visa/job/green card application

What are the requirements?

For getting an affidavit of birth certificate, the following requirements are present:

  • The requirement of a Draft: For date of birth affidavit, a proper draft of the document is required. The draft should be grammatically correct with all the necessary information mentioned in the document. Spaces for stamps and signature of applicant, witness and authorized signatory must also be present.
  • Witness: A person who has witnessed the applicant’s birth is required to sign the document. This person can be a doctor, nurse or midwife present during the applicant’s birth. Even the blood relatives of the applicant can testify in the document. The witness can be anyone who has personal knowledge about the date of birth of the applicant.
  • Signature and seal of the authorized signatory: For making the affidavit an official substitute of the applicant’s date of birth certificate, he/she needs to get it signed by authorized personnel and get it notarized.  

Parts of Age-proof Affidavit:

Declaration: This part of the affidavit is the most crucial part which consists of all the relevant information about the applicant. This draft is readily available on various websites, but it is advised to refrain from such questionable sources and get the draft acquired/ prepared from genuine sources.

Affirmation: This is the part of the document which says that all the information mentioned by the applicant is true and corrects to his/her knowledge. This portion of the document needs to be affirmed in the presence of the authorized signatory. The document consists of information such as the applicant’s date of birth, place of birth, current residence, and name of the guardian.

Some Relevant information:

These attested and sworn documents offer relief to a major chunk of the Indian population who had illiterate parents or didn’t acquire a birth certificate due to a lack of information. There are numerous platforms that are offering online affidavits for age, address, etc. but only some of them are useful. People can easily access the drafts of such affidavits through their websites. The authenticity and grammatical correctness with brevity is the key to getting the best quality affidavit. But these free and easily accessible drafts lack these important aspects. The few prominent firms which Make Affidavit Online India include the pioneers-

Through their diverse experience in this field, pioneers comprehend the matters that ought to be present in the document and matters need to be omitted. Through the online samples of such front-runners of the field, a proper draft can be derived.

Legal consultations are beneficial in cases where there is a need for a customized proof of age affidavit. These consultations help to figure out the topics and matters required to be put in the draft. This is beneficial as, the lawyers themselves prepare the draft which eliminates the errors- both legal and grammatical. So by going through the process applicants can Make Affidavit In India. Some of the online affidavit providers also courier the documents/ affidavits to the applicant at their provided address, simplifying all the issues, on a larger scale.