All about lightning protection systems

The earthing and lightning protection system can be considered as the most modern development of the innovation which was introduced by Benjamin Franklin and was known as the lightning rod. The systems are used almost everywhere nowadays. Be it a home, factory, tower or the launch pad of the space shuttle such systems are used everywhere.


 Following are the components of the lightning protection systems:


 -The rods: These are at the foot of small vertical systems which act as the terminal for the discharge of lightning. This can be found in different shapes and sizes. Most of them include the top, tall and are put in detail which has a polished sphere. Types of lightning rods have different types of functionalities and necessities depending upon their implementation.


 – The conductor cables: These are referred to as having cables which can carry light current from different rods to the ground. These cables run on the tops around the edges of the rules and also connected with the corners of the building to the ground.


 -The ground rods: These are referred to as long and thick rods which are buried deep inside the earth. The connector cable is also connected to these rods so that a safe path of the lightning discharge is provided around the whole structure.


 The conductors and the rods are considered to be the most important components of the whole system which will help in achieving the overall goal of diverting the lightning. The rods in them also act as vertically oriented terminals. All this set helps in working very efficiently with the help of all the components.


The lightning protection systems help to ensure a higher level of safety to the building and the people living inside the building in case any of the incidents of lightning occurs and hits it directly. With the help of the installation of this concept, there will be a safe path to ground for the lightning to follow. These kinds of systems do not attract any kind of lightning. Such systems also don’t provide any kind of such protection for sensitive electronics. These kinds of systems provide fire protection from the damage caused by the lightning.


 The working of the whole system has been explained as follows:


 There is a proper designated path so the lightning can reach the ground. This can include phone and cables. The lightning will follow one or more any kind of rod that is passed to the ground and sometimes even jump through the air with the help of a side flash. As a result of all this, lightning will help in preventing different hazards to a house or building. 


There are many hazards which the lightning can cause and some are mentioned as follows:


 -Fire: In case the lightning is exposed than the fire can start anywhere and it will penetrate the building. When the lightning will follow the electrical wiring it can overheat and will cause vaporization in the wires which will create a fire hazard.


 -The side flashes: In case the lightning occurs then side flashes can also jump across different rooms which can injure anybody who is there. Different materials such as gasoline can also be ignited which are present in the garages.


 -It can cause damage to the building materials: The shockwave which has been created with the discharge of lightning can blow different sections of balls and can fragment the plaster as well. Shattering of the glass and other materials can also happen.


 -Different kinds of damages to electronic appliances can be there: All the electrical appliances like washing machines, microwaves, TVs, lamps are exposed to high levels of risk with the help of lightning discharge. Electronic devices especially the computers are highly vulnerable in all such cases.


 All businesses can gain benefits from such systems by installing them properly. The lightning system can help in ensuring that surcharge of electricity from the lightning strike is not spread throughout the building which can damage fuses and can cause damage to other devices. Lightning protection systems very safely help to transfer the electrical energy from the lightning strike away from the building to the ground where it can be discharged safely. The purpose of this system is not only to prevent the lightning from striking and which is not even possible. But the purpose of installation of such systems is that a path of low resistance is provided to the lightning so that it can travel through it without causing any kind of damage to the whole building. It is very much important to install such systems with proper standards which have been formulated by the lightning protection Institute and National Fire Protection Association.


 To save people from these kinds of problems different companies are there which are providing lightning protection solutions. The best part is these companies prepare their products with the help of proper procedures and guidelines laid down by the institutions. Such systems are designed to protect the business and assets of the people from lightning strikes. According to a study each year thousands of buildings and businesses are damaged with the occurrence of lightning strikes.


 Lightning stress can cause a great amount of damage to the commercial buildings and even to the equipment which is present in those buildings. The most common risk includes damage to electronics and fire. The whole procedure of replacing the electronics will be highly expensive and can also cause long downtimes for the businesses during which the business houses cannot operate which will lead to huge losses to them. Trusting the professionals in this field and getting such systems installed is the best idea for the homeowners as well as the business owners. The insurance company also covers the damages of that particular house or building which has taken the adequate and necessary measures to make sure that property is safe. So, installation of maintenance-free earthing system and lightning protection systems is the need of the hour. It will help in keeping everything and everyone in the buildings safe as well as sound. So, the individuals should not waste any time and invest in such systems so that they can live a healthy life.