An Understanding of Online Reputation Management


Most businesses that were running completely on one to one interaction with their consumers have moved online. They had to make this shift to survive the competition in the digital era. When doing so, the businesses can interact with their consumers and receive feedback from them. While positive feedback is always welcome, negative feedback can be damaging.

Damage Control

Online Reputation Management is all about managing what people say about you because they surely do. They may take to social media to praise the experiences they have when interacting with you or using your products. But when it is about a negative experience, they are more likely to verbalise it. Irrespective of whether a business is big or small, this can hurt its prospects. Whether good or bad, public opinion matters and hence you need to take action based on online consumer activity.

Being Transparent

Businesses have to accept positive and negative feedback from their consumers. They also need to be transparent, which essentially means that they should have a communication channel where the employees can talk in public; there is nothing hidden that needs to be addressed only by management. They must open up channels for feedback, accept criticism and address it openly. The risk of not being transparent is much greater.

Pitfalls of Being Transparent

Being transparent can backfire if your trade secrets are revealed to competition, if your products are prone to criticism or if your employees are not comfortable using social media and make a wrong move. To avoid such circumstances, professionals in the field of online brand reputation monitoring can take it in the right direction. Consider the following when interacting with your consumers:

  • Don’t be defensive. Accept the problem if there is one and attempt to resolve it.
  • Hostility is not welcomed by consumers
  • Don’t ignore the negative feedback. Address it and fix it.

Be Proactive

Action is just as important as a reaction. You can’t wait for people to do something and then respond. Timely reaction must be given when required, but there are things that you must take care of. Monitor your reputation on social media, so if there is a negative spark, it can be addressed before it has done a lot of damage. You can take care of it yourself or you can choose experienced professionals to do so. 

Types of Damaging Online Content

Complaints must be taken care of; else they can blow up and damage your reputation. There are others that are present online as defamatory content such as negative reviews, hate sites and negative media coverage that can potentially hurt your business. While in most cases things can be handled through SEO to overpower the negative with the positive, some things require legal action and investigation – such as if the content defames you and uses false information with an aim to destroy the business.  

It is up to you to protect your reputation and you must not hesitate if you need expert help, be it your eCommerce business strategy or managing your reputation