Are You Sharing The Right Letters With Your New Joiner?

Are You Sharing The Right Letters With Your New Joiner?

Hiring and onboarding new employees is one deadly task! HR professionals are on their toes all the time whenever there is a recruitment session. From scheduling important dates to making arrangements for the test interviews, HRs juggle between a gamut of operations. Now, in between the major prevalent roles, there is a crucial exchange of official letters and documents that need to be executed. Special attention and care needs to be taken so that there is no mismanagement of papers. There are so many letters issued to the employees in their entire employee lifecycle and almost every working professional knows the names of these letters. But, do they know what is specifically required at a particular stage? And what is the order in which employers release these documents? No! For instance, there has been a great deal of confusion among the essence of an offer letter and an appointment letter format

Here, we will not only clear this misunderstanding, but also talk about the exact order in which the letters should be issued to a newly hired employee in any organization: 

Share An Offer Letter First

Everyone must already be knowing that an offer letter is the very first written communication with an employee even before he agrees to join the company. It is only a proposal that the recipient gets after being shortlisted in the tests/ interviews to get the job position. Now, the candidate can either accept the same or reject it based on his suitability and preferences. Here the primary difference is that offer letters have lesser content and an appointment letter format is more elaborate in comparison to it.

Give An Employment Contract Letter

Next, as soon as the candidate accepts the offer letter, if at all there is a bond or a contract that needs his attention and agreement, it must be released without a delay. This document is shared at such an early stage so that the employees understand what they are getting into and cannot claim otherwise at a later stage. Strict actions are taken against the ones who break the bond and abscond from the organization before the contractual period is over. And this is clearly mentioned in this letter.

Provide Them With A Joining Letter

Now that the employee has accepted the offer letter and signed the bond agreement, It is time to make him feel welcomed with open arms by issuing a joining letter. This letter confirms the joining of an employee in an organization.

Then Comes The Appointment Letter

This is by far one of the most important official letters in the entire lifecycle of an employee. It is the perfect proof of employment which can be presented to the next employer to give the details of the current job. An appointment letter format is therefore only downloaded and issued after the employee has completed his probationary period successfully.

Now Issue A Confirmation Letter

Once the employee gets an appointment letter, he is not new anymore. So, the talk about a new joiner ends here when the employer shares a confrontation letter with him. About the other letters issued in an employee lifecycle, we’ll talk some other time.