7 Things to ask Your Doctor Before Ostomy Surgery

Ostomy Surgery

What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is a surgery that makes an opening in the skin on the belly and connects the bowel (colon) to that opening. The opening is called a stoma. A colostomy may be temporary or permanent.

It is either done as an open-source or laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery is done through the large cut into the belly. Laparoscopic or close surgery is done by making several tiny incisions in the abdomen.

Ostomy surgery is done for those who are having difficulty passing stool through their excretory organs. Upon completion of ostomy, waste/stool is rerouted to a stoma with a plastic pouch attached.

Ostomy surgery is irreversible, that is when completed. It is a lifetime experience. Hence you must make the right decision before considering Ostomy surgery.

Below are some few questions that ought to ask your doctor, perhaps, if you’re supposed to take Ostomy or not.

First, let’s see how you prepare for surgery.

How do you prepare for ostomy surgery?

Having to take an ostomy after one has experienced the natural abilities of life is scary. Nevertheless, I can assure you that taking Ostomy surgery is not as bad as it seems. Many, many ostomy patients still find the life they want after the surgery. By the way, see here for the best mens ostomy swimwear.

Here are a few things you should do before surgery.

a) Bring out a list of questions to ask your doctor. Taking ostomy is a lifetime decision and you need to be sure you’re doing what’s best. Ask questions like:

I. Ask your doctors which drugs to continue taking or which to stop. Some medicines may increase bleeding or cause anaesthesia. Your doctor will tell you which to stop or continue. Aspirin may be dangerous or some blood drainer. Be sure you ask if to continue.

II. Ask your doctor if you should take a laxative to release your bowels before surgery.

III. Ask your doctor if you should take an antibiotic before surgery.

IV. Ask your doctor when is the best time to change an ostomy pouch? This is important.

V. Ask your doctor for what to eat during ostomy. You may not have to switch diet, however, some ostomy patients do have digestion problems with vegetables and fruits. The best way to know your food prescription is to ask your doctor. Different ileostomy or colostomy patients experience a different type of food indigestion. While people with urostomy may not have to change their diet at all. They must be careful about fluid intake. V. Seek medical-check or recommendations. Having taken decisions, asked questions and sort bits of advice. It is time you seek. Self-help in your ostomy nurse or doctor. Most doctors offer free advice and knowledge-based, this should finally clarify if ostomy surgery is worth-taking.