Auto Dialer Software: A Boon for banks and Financial Institutions promotional campaigns

Auto Dialer Software

In recent times, there has been a surge in the demand for intelligent auto phone dialers. Earlier in the absence of an auto dialer system, call center representatives were limited to how many calls they can make at once. They used to dial numbers manually, wait during the ringing process, and have no other option to waste their valuable time on unanswered calls. 

The banking and financial institutions have to deal with a number of contacts for assorted purposes like connecting with people looking for loans, investors, sending EMI payment reminders, and various other operations. An auto-dialer system is a boon to banks to effectively manage large databases of customers, streamlining services, and connect bank agents to customers as quickly as possible. 

The use of auto dialer software in banks and financial institutions offer automation in core call center services, which saves time by eliminating the need for a manual dialing system that takes a lot of time. Not only it saves time but also helps to reduce the agent’s idle time, eliminate inaccurate contact dialing, and filter out incorrect contacts. In all, by utilizing the auto dialer solution, organizations can experience a swift increase in their operational efficiency. By utilizing an autodialer system, banks and financial institutions can generate an accurate and up-to-date comprehensive view of customer data. The data can be further utilized to evaluate existing data points, personalize interactions, and envisage response to conduct future interactions. 

How it Works?

As the name suggests, the auto dialer system automatically dials numbers from a contact list. Once the call gets answered, the software connects the call to the agent or a recorded message. By taking advantage of auto dialing software, banks and financial institutions can drastically improve the number of calls made in a day, as the agents will only get connected to people who actually answer the phone, which is essential for generating leads. In general, auto dialing software can improve the entire outbound phone sales by offering benefits like no manual dialing, smart lead management, saves agents time, accelerates sales and collections, higher efficiency, increased revenue.  

Types of Auto Dialers

While implementing an autodialer, it is important to think about the varied dialing modes offered and which one will work best for the campaigns. Auto dialers can be categorized as Outbound Auto-Dialer, and Inbound Auto-Dialer. 

Below mentioned are some of the most commonly used outbound auto dialer systems:

Power Dialer: Power dialer is one of the most basic types of outbound dialer software. The software dials a number from a given list and connects it to a dedicated agent. Once the call is complete, the agent has time to fill up the survey, enter notes, and indicate that they are ready for the next call. The software then immediately calls the next number. One thing the software lacks is that it doesn’t check if the number is active or not. 

Preview Dialer: Sometimes an agent needs time to research the contact, understand the calling history, and then call the contact. Preview dialer is a system that passes on essential information about a prospect to a live agent. Before launching the call, the dialer waits for a pre-defined period of time. This time is utilized by the agent to preview important information and analyze the case. 

Progressive Dialer: Progressive dialer is an improved version of the preview dialer. It automatically disconnects a call if no ringing is recorded. The software waits for a short period of time before disconnecting the call in case of no responses. Similar to preview dialer, agents receive information about a call from the dialer, but there is no wait time. 

Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialer employs a smart machine-learning algorithm technique known as pacing, which means it dial numbers based on agents’ availability. In order to adjust the rate at which numbers are dialed, various metrics are analyzed by the machine-learning algorithm such as answered calls, dropped calls, number of active agents, and others. By comparing these metrics with average talk and ring time, the software instantly and automatically transfers the call to agents once it detects a free agent. This outbound call center software helps increase agent’s efficiency in a call center campaign by dialing numbers ahead of time and connecting only answered calls to agents. Similar to progressive dialers, predictive dialers filter out bad leads, unnecessary contacts, and non-answering phone calls.


If you are searching for a hosted auto dialer software solution to generate leads and improve sales and leads, it is important to choose the right dialer based on the kind of calling campaign you want to run.