Bamfaad full movie review: Aditya Rawala and Shalini Pandey’s romance

Bamfaad is a tribute film to the veteran actor Paresh Rawal son Aditya Rawal as Nasir Jawal. Neelam as the southern shrill, Arjun Reddy fame heroine Shalini Pandey. Their debut film is streaming in the ZEE5 original 

The opening scene shows the local accent and life style of the Allahabad. The full movie has been in the backdrop of the Allahabad. It is a low budget feature, the viewers can feel the texture of gritty drama usual presentation by Anurag Kashyap. The characters in the movies are going around the inner lives of the Allahabad and its immediate surroundings. The whole movie is the successful release of the debutant actor, director, and producer. Ranjan Chandel is the debutant director visualizes the film realism of love of intercaste Nasir and Neelam, violence and romantic core of the concept is well captured.

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An OTT Platform

The story takes off from the Nasir who is the son of the political person in Allahabad. Neelam as a normal civilian catches sight of Nasir, she is dismissive at the first and later gets to his love, Nasir calls Neelam as Bamfaad, which means crackling. The main scoring part of this film is the background music, which is composed by the renowned music composer Vishal Mishra. He is a famous Bollywood Indian music composer, he has composed popular movies includes Mardhar Express, Saand Ki Aankh in the last year 2019.

His debut film as a song composer is “Tutak Tutiya” with the songs, Chalte and Ranga De. He is a film composer and turned to a singer with the film “Friendship Unlimited” he almost sung six songs and fourteen songs in the film as a composer. He turned as a lyricist as the song “Laila” in the film. The hit songs he has composed are Veere, Selfish, Bhumro and Aasmaaa are some of them. He got the Best Music Director award for the film “Kabir Singh”. He gives the soulful music and soul-stirring music to this film “Bamfaad”. The film is successfully running mainly because of its strong concept and background music.

This film “Bamfaad” reminds the small-town love story usually the Bollywood usual cinematographer with the full-fledged with much more freshness and full film end.

An OTT Platform

The exclusive ZEE5 film Bamfaad is produced by the Shaika Films by the Pradeep Kumar, who is the producer of Choti Sarrdaarni which is ongoing tv serials. he is soon become the big screen producer for the film “Bamfaad” due to the COVID-19 pandemic issue, several shootings and film functions were canceled and suspended for an indefinite period so they are supposed to release this film in the OTT platform. At first, they released the teaser in the ZEE5 app and now the film is also got aired.

To watch the film Bamfaad This romance thriller is a combination of fresh love, politics, vengeance, self-destruction, and humor. Do watch the film and give your support to the debutants team. Make us know about the film from your perspective and share your thoughts in the comment section below.