Best Way To Migrate G Suite Account To Another

Recently I was assigned with migration task, It was to migrate users & emails from one G Suite account to another. The migration needs to be done not only between two users but between two separate G Suite domains. The name of the first domain (let’s call it “Source account” for anonymity) to another domain (destination account). I have read many articles online that say that the best method is by using Google Data Migration Service but they don’t provide a much step-wise approach to do that. Below are the methods which are used and alternative for Data Migration Service.

My Goals And Description

I want to migrate my G Suite user account lets say to another To do this, we’re going to migrate all user’s accounts from source to destination. The method was by using Google’s Data Migration Tool. This data I have got from Google support, I implemented all the steps as they have directed to migrate G Suite Account to Another G Suite Account. When somebody hears about Google Support they think it as a good method but I have a number of concerns that I have concluded in last.

The Thinks You Will Need During Migration

  • You need Admin account of Both Source & Destination Account
  • User should not use their account during the migration period
  • A large amount of Time to migrate multiple G Suite user (About a Week – Depends upon number of users)

Note: Before beginning with the migration procedure make sure that users’ accounts should already be created at the destination domain.

Steps you Need to Follow for Data Migration Service

  1. First, you need to login from source G Suite Admin Account and then Go to Admin Console
  2. From the Admin Console, you need to select the Data Migration option from the Tiles.
  3. Using this method you can only migrate G Suite emails from One G Suite account to another. For that, you need to select the Emails radio button & click Continue.
  4. Now, you need to select Migration Source as G Suite by using the drop-down option
  5. In the Connection Protocol Option select as “Recommended” & from the Role Account, you can enter the Source Admin Credentials >> Connect button to migrate emails from G Suite to another G Suite account.
  6. In the next step, you have to choose the start date of Migration. This option will transfer data from the selected date to the current migration date. At the end, you need to select the user option ‘single’ or ‘multiple’. I have implemented for single users account.
  7. After choosing multiple user options, you need to follow the below steps:
  • First create a CSV file that contains destination Id, source id, source password without a header.
  • Now, Enter the user account and upload the CSV file using Attach File Option
  • Finally, use the ‘Upload and Start Migration‘ button to migrate G Suite emails form one account to another.
  • During the Migration, you can see the migration statics on the browser.

Problem Faced During Migration

  1. Requires Exchange Server to migrate Calendars and Contacts
  2. Doesn’t migrate Google Drive data using this method
  3. Take almost a Day to migrate 10 GB of data of the single user.
  4. No filtering option for mailbox
  5. Chances of Error are very high, in case of power or Internet connection loss
  6. Have to manual enter each user Id

Alternative Solution to Migrate G Suite Account to Another

The Second method I found after the failure of the Data Migration Service is by using an automated tool that is provided by SysTools. After using their G Suite Email Migration Tool, I was satisfied and I wanna say that it is the best method till now I have seen. I was able to migrate emails, contacts, documents & calendar data all at once. All the problem I have faced while using Data Migration service has been resolved after using this tool. Although it is a paid tool, still it’s better to do error-free migration.

Migrate G Suite Account to Another G Suite Account

Thing You Need

  • Source and Destination admin account credentials
  • Create a cloud console project (5 step task – Used for verification)
  • Easy Steps to Migrate G Suite Account to Another G Suite Account
  1. Go to website & download the latest G Suite Migration Tool & Launch
  2. Now, you need to Go to setting and enter P12 file and Service client ID created while fulfilling prerequisites (for both source and destination).
  3. Go to Source & and enter the source Admin Credentials and click continue to validate.
  4. Click Next, and enter Destination Admin Credentials >> Continue.
  5. From the Next window, select the Category of data that you want to migrate (emails, contacts, calendar, documents).
  6. Apply the Date Filter for each select category (Optional) >> Next
  7. Choose the desired mapping option from the list ( I have used change domain name option because both source and destination domain user are same )
  8. Select the user’s from the list or check All (Mapping is done automatically)
  9. You can also apply the Priority to a user account whose data need to be migrated first.
  10. After the migration is complete you can view the migration process in the tool

Things I Like About Tool

  • The best one is Automated & multiple mapping options
  • Error handle to deal with power and Internet connection loss
  • Incremental migration to migrate updated data
  • Migrate emails, calendar, contacts & drive at once

Concluding Words

In conclusion, I want to say that, It is not an easy task if you are migrating an email from G Suite to G Suite using a Data migration service. Also, there are various problems faced during the process and there is no support provided by Google to help. It is better to use an automated tool to Migrate G Suite Account To Another G Suite Account (Later I used this tool for a successful migration). I didn’t face any error or trouble during migration using an automated method. I recommend you try the first demo version which gives you the option to migrate complete G Suite data for 2 user account.