Why Cardboard Material Is Used To Make Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are ideally made from corrugated cardboard. The ribbed structure of this material allows the insulation of the pizzas packaged inside and helps to retain its heat without letting the pizza get soggy or moist. Let us find out in detail some of the other beneficial factors of using cardboard for the manufacturing of pizza boxes.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy

When it comes to pizza packaging, people look for such a packaging product that is both lightweight to ship and handle yet sturdy enough to protect the delicate eatable packaged inside in the best possible way. Pizza boxes made from cardboard material fulfill both of these requirements in the most efficient manner. Pizzas are produced at a massive level and ideally preferred as a takeout or eat on the go item. Therefore pizza packaging is essentially required to be complementing the pizza’s usage requirements. Corrugated cardboard is very light in weight, yet it is strong enough that it does not smudge into the food packaged inside of it if pressure is applied to it during storage and transportation.

Oil Absorption

Would anyone like to receive their delicious pizza with oil dripping all over and across the pizza packaging? Absolutely not. Pizza boxes that are manufactured from other materials than cardboard has proved out to be inadequate in effectively absorbing the oil and fat seeping out of the packaged pizzas. Cardboard, on the other hand, has proved out to be exceedingly beneficial in this regard since cardboard pizza packaging comprehensively absorbs all the fat and oil coming out from the pizza within itself without spoiling its freshness and taste. This is said to be one of the key reasons why food chains prefer cardboard pizza packaging for the delivery of their prize food product. 


Pizza boxes made out of cardboard are a lot more affordable than boxes made out of any other materials. Cardboard is readily available in the market and is also lightweight, which reduces its shipping costs to the maximum. Furthermore, recycled cardboard is substantially lesser in price since the number of resources utilized for the manufacturing of the base material is next to minimal. All these elements add up to make custom pizza boxes made out of cardboard, one of the most affordable packaging solutions for both well established and upcoming pizzerias.

Effortlessly Customized

Custom pizza boxes made out of cardboard materials offer a lot more options for customization to their consumers. Custom pizza boxes are an unavoidable necessity of the present times since the competition among the businesses is massive and cutthroat. In a time where only the fittest survive in the market world custom pizza boxes manufactured from cardboard material, offer a distinct and productive identity and exposure to the brands that they represent. 

All the reasons, as mentioned earlier, firmly establish the necessity of using cardboard material for the productive manufacturing of custom pizza boxes. They can be styled into trending shapes and designs to uplift the reputation of your pizzeria in the market within a minimal amount of time.