Deciding Between a Magic Mug and Best gift shops in dubai

A magic mug, also referred to as a superheated mug, is simply a mug which activates a warming effect when it is placed with a warm liquid. Thermochromic ink produces this effect. The liquid that is usually used to activate the mug is hot coffee or tea. In recent years a new option has been added to the magic mug – the option to have it personalised. If you wish to have a mug like this, you can either have it custom made or simply choose from a vast selection of designs that are available on the Internet.

Some people do not like the idea of having a personalised mug:

Perhaps they feel that it takes away from the convenience of just filling the mug with a beverage of choice. Others however do like the fact that they can have their names or initials included on their mug. Having your name or initials on your mug can give it a more unique and individual feel to it. If you choose to personalise your tea mug there are some considerations to keep in mind.

To begin with, how cold is the coffee or tea that you would like to drink?

As a general rule, coffee should never be served over ice. In most cases, the water that comes from a boiling pot will be too hot to touch with your bare hands. This means that the only safe way to consume cold coffee is in the insulated mugs that are often referred to as “magic mugs”. If you purchase your cup of coffee in these kinds of cups, the coffee will remain hot for several minutes after it has been poured into the cup. Some people prefer to use an ice cube tray to keep their coffee warm while others prefer to pour chilled milk into their cups and sip it from there.

How large should the individual serving mug be?

Most magic mugs have been made to fit a standard-sized cup. These cups are often available in different sizes to meet the needs of individuals. If you are planning on making special drinks with your special mug such as iced tea, you should make sure that the mug fits the beverage appropriately. If the proportions are not correct, your drink may become under-caffeinated, bitter, or messy.

What type of material are the mugs made out of?

Some people like to UAE coffee cups that are constructed out of glass, while others prefer to use ceramic or porcelain mugs. These materials will be able to keep your drink hot for a longer period of time and allow it to retain its flavor much better than plastic or metal mugs. Although they do not have the same amount of insulation as the other types of cups, porcelain and ceramic cups do tend to heat up quicker than the other types.

What design does your mug have?

Different companies, such as Ghirardelli, will create different mug designs for you based on what you are looking for. If you want something that is pretty, you may want to choose a black and white mug, while those that want something a little more colorful can opt for brightly colored mugs.

How many inches tall do you want your mug to be?

If you plan on placing hot coffee beans in your mug, you might want to choose one that is taller. This will allow you to put the beans in without having to worry about spilling them and keeping them warm. You may also want to choose something that is larger in size if you plan on purchasing several mugs for guests to serve themselves.

Do you know how to clean up your magic mug?

There are different ways to mug printing dubai that have been made with removable tops. If your mugs are regularly used, you may want to wash them in warm soapy water. For those that are used infrequently, simply submerge the mugs in cold water for five to ten minutes. Once you have washed them to remove any residue, simply place them in your dishwasher.