Different Types of Custom Morale Patches Available Online

custom morale patches

There are various sorts of custom morale patches available online, which can support individuals who aren’t aware of their proper usage. To choose your preferred custom patches of all types, search top-rated online websites offering excellent quality patches. 

If you’re confused about choosing quality custom patches for yourself, you must consider several elements. That’s important making an outstanding selection of custom morale patches at all times. If you want to order your custom patches today, consider some common sides, such as –

  • Material
  • Pricing
  • Durability
  • Turnaround Time
  • Texture

That’s preferable to choose unique custom-made patches to appear specific from others. The custom morale patches will include uniqueness to your wardrobe. These patches are functional, serving military wear (uniform) purposes, attached with bags and hats. 

If you are eager to learn about six different types of patches available online, continue reading this article, will guide you on how to distinguish types of patches. To help you make the best choice of patches, which you can often use. 

Here are lists of different types of patches available online –

  1. Printed Patches

These kinds of patches having tough process of production but matches any design or colors. Unlike other custom-made patches, printed patches require clear bases to get the design directly printed with the help of the dying process, termed as “sublimation”. This makes the colors complete blend into the base and results in surface with patches. As the design will be custom printed, you’ve endless color selection options for printed patches

  • Name Patches

These custom morale patches are commonly used workwear shirts at chain stores or retail outlets, where official identity cards aren’t compulsory worn all the time. These types of name patches are simple, available with limited color options. Therefore, name patches aren’t costly, which buyers usually order in bulk for the workplace. To be specific, name patches shirts are suitable alternatives for your company’s identity cards. 

  • Embroidered Patches

These types of custom patches are most popular in the market currently. And with an exceptional reason – embroidered patches are economical yet cool methods to custom-design your outfits. This type of patch has twill bases, and your preferred name or logo will be embroidered with thread, offering gorgeous touch to your outerwear. These patches are suitable for sports and work uniforms, high-contrast designs, giveaways, and short deadlines. 

  • Bullion Patches

These kinds of patches are generally handcrafted by skilled artists. Although integrated embroidery, bullion patches are thicker than embroidered patches, with added materials like beads, wire, felt, velvet, and metallic threads. These patches are used formally, top-notch quality than other kinds of custom-made patches. 

These expensive patches are commonly used by military uniforms, elite clubs, and fraternal groups. Offering high-class finish, bullion patches will keep your image new evermore. 

  • Chenille Patches

If you’re excited about unique texture or design, chenille patches are your most recommended custom-made patches option. These exclusive patches are commonly called ‘letterman patches’, made with two layers having fuzzy surfaces. The bottom layer of chenille patches is made of felt, which offers softer textures. To pick chenille patches over custom morale patchesyou must select an easy image to retain its shape. 

  • Woven Patches

These types of patches are the same as embroidered patches, which uses strings combine woven. These handmade patches are great working with complex images and unworkable with the embroidery process. This kind of patch is an ideal process to attain photographic realism. In terms of text and design, woven patches achieve wider scope made of threads. Also, woven patches offer ample space for craftsmen to work with landscapes, human faces, gradients on smaller sized. 

Ok! Let us consider you’ve now understood the types of custom-made patches available online to suit your preferences. To choose which custom patches will match your requirements, ask for quotes today!