Different Types of Platform Trolleys


Platform trolley is essential equipment that is used in all areas to effectively transfer the loads. These are available in various forms and are used in various applications. Here we have listed the different types of trolleys that will help you to understand and to buy platform trolley and to assist you to gain more information about them.

  • Metal Trolleys

Metal trolleys are made from high-quality stain steel or aluminum material and you can view products here. They provide a durable and reliable base to the trolley that makes it easy to transport loads. They require less maintenance and are hardly broken or damaged. These metal trolleys offer a wide range of advantages to the industry.

  • Plastic Trolley

This type of platform trolley is made from higher durable plastic and is mostly liked by people due to its lightweight and ease of maneuver. These are quite convenient to use. These are designed to minimize any injury while handling and transporting the goods. Along with this, these are rust proof that makes them easy to use in any environment.

  • Flat Bed Trolleys

Flatbed Trolleys have a flat base and handy grip that make them easy to move around with heavy loads. This is one of the most popular and common trolleys easily found in the marketplace. These are simple in style and are ideal for stacking heavy and bulky objects. The flatbed trolleys are high in demand where there is a need for long-distance transportation.

  • Cage Trolley

Cage trolleys provide the best storage and transportation solution that not only helps in the movement of the heavy loads but also ensures the items are intact and do not fall out. These trolleys are excessively used in the warehouse, factories, and institutions and are designed to carry a heavier and larger capacity of loads up to 500 kg. The cage trolleys are uniquely designed with a wire mesh that creates a surrounding with a regular base on the four castors.

  • Stair Trolleys

This stair trolley is specially designed to carry the object up and down the stairs without any fault. The stair trolley uses a unique set of castors and wheels along with the three-wheel configuration that simply helps out to maneuver the trolley without any damage. These inbuilt features make it possible to step a flight of stairs for shifting items. Stair trolleys provide outstanding service in case there is no elevator or lift.