Download OneDrive Files to Computer – Facts About Microsoft

onedrive to computer

Intro: Why there is a need to download OneDrive files to computer and the methods to export the data files are mentioned in this article. Learning the process for downloading the data is made easier with the help of expert-solution. Find the methods and the reasons as explained.  

OneDrive is a service offered by Microsoft that connects all the files and allows storing and protection of your files. The files can be shared with others and the files can be accessed on both desktop and cloud through synchronization.

Although, it is important to backup OneDrive files locally so that there is no external threat to the data. These threats include: 

  • Virus attacks leading to data-corruption or loss 
  • Malware attacks like ransomware leading to files encryption for which the attacker asks for ransom to de-encrypt the files. 
  • Accidental deletion due to which data recovery becomes difficult and troublesome. 

Other than that, keeping a backup of your data on your local storage device is always a suggestion by experts.  

Here, we are going to explain the methods to perform backup. Let’s take a look.

Techniques to Download OneDrive Files to Computer

There are two methods that a user can make use of to download the required files and save them on the local device for safety. First method is a trust-worthy solution that can easily perform the backup of your files.  

The second method is a free solution that can be performed manually but may not be fully successful while transferring the data files. We will be explaining both the methods in detail for users to understand which solution is suitable for your requirement. 

Now, to the methods!

Technique 1 – How to Backup OneDrive Files Locally Using Trusty Solution

This solution is the OneDrive for Business Backup Tool that allows performing a backup of data and save them on desired location of the storage system. The files and folders can be exported in bulk altogether in a single shot. 

The software offers a plethora of features that provide a simple and effective backup operation and save data selectively as per date-range. With the help of Date-Filter option, it is capable of download the files within the chosen time-period. 

Concurrent backup option is also provided for exporting the data from various user mailboxes in bulk. 

Download OneDrive files to computer using these features and learn the process as described in the next segment.

How Can You Perform Backup On Local Device Via the Tool?

  1. After downloading the tool, click on the Activate button to activate the tool.
activation steps

2. Click on the Setup tab and choose the Source as Office 365 and Destination as Outlook in the software panel.


3. Select the Documents option from the Workload Selection field and mark the Date-Filter for selectively downloading data.

select source

4. Now, enter the credentials for Office 365 to backup OneDrive files locally and Validate your account. Hit Next to move forward.

source validation

5. Fill in the details for Outlook in the destination window to set the location and size of the files. Click on the Next button. 

destination validation

6. Fetch the users that you want to import the data from and Validate them. 

fetch users option

7. Choose the Start Backup button to complete the process. 

fetched users

After the process is completed, you can generate an export report to check the failure and success count. Also, there is an option to run the backup process again if so required.

Manual Method to Download OneDrive Files to Computer

This method allows you to transfer your data using the web-based OneDrive service. Following are the steps for it:

  1. Open any browser and login to your OneDrive account via Microsoft 365 credentials.
browse and login

2. Choose the files you want to export and click on the Download button.


3. Select the location where the files are to be saved and click on the Save button.

give location

Pro Tip: It is possible for users to download files and folders using this method but not in bulk. You can only backup OneDrive files locally from one folder at a time and the files will be downloaded in .zip format. 

There is no guarantee that the structure of the folder will be maintained or how long it will take to save the files if they are of large sizes.

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Ending with Final Thoughts

Most users save their data in OneDrive for its sharing and storing facilities without thinking twice. This is because of the trust that has been built upon the service. Although, it is always a wise decision to keep a backup of all your data no matter how tight the security is.  

This is why, the solutions to download OneDrive files to computer are explained here with the benefits of each. Both the methods are useful but for bulk transfer and safety reasons, users are suggested to use the software.