Everyone Should Learn To Hunt

The world is going vegan, and I’m not sure if that’s the best thing for the planet. A lot of people get very opinionated about this, and believe that a plant based diet is the best option. If you consider the issue from an environmental point of view, hunting is a far better option. I also believe it’s better for the animals themselves. Here’s what I learned once I began learning to hunt, and why I think everyone should too.

Hunting Is Eco-Friendly

I didn’t believe this at first, but when you think about all those hours you need to spend behind an SFT2 Tactical waiting for an elk to pass by from miles away – there’s a lot more work done for a single animal. Not only must one be patient to hunt, their patience makes them use the entire animal – nothing is wasted. Most hunters will go through great pains to ensure that they are eating every part of the animal. 

There are many other ways that hunting is environmentally friendly. There is almost fossil fuels burned to transport the animal’s meat from when it is killed to your table. There is no water being used to grow monocrops that destroy the environment just to feed animals that are being force fed to fatten them up before selling them. Animals that are hunted lead normal lives, feeding in their natural habitat, running from other predators. They aren’t domesticated at all. They eat what they get, because they are out there in the wild. Finally, hunters aren’t killing masses of buffalos or pushing elk to the point of extinction. They only kill what they need, and they take their time to make sure they aren’t wounding the animal and letting it go. That’s why it’s so difficult to learn how to hunt – it takes a lot of discipline.

People Have Severed Their Connection With The Food They Eat

Many people wander around stores buying food that has been pre-prepared for us. We no longer realize how much work goes into hunting or gathering food, and many don’t even bother to cook our meals. In today’s fast paced life, we’re all disconnected from reality. If the supply chain shuts down (it partly did during pandemic’s first months), people would have no idea how to sustain themselves. Forget the zombie apocalypse, a prolonged power outage is enough to make many of us starve. Not the hunters, and not those who learn how to grow their own food. They will find ways to put food on the table, and they will find ways to survive.

In short, I believe everyone needs to learn hunting. I consider it an essential life skill, along with growing and preparing your own food. Meat that comes from a hunted animal is far closer to nature than plastic wrapped avocados that had to be shipped in refrigerated trucks from the other end of the continent (or world). It is a sustainable way of life when done right, and we should all strive to learn how to hunt.