Fate Of 2d Animation Company In India

I think all of us would agree to the fact that the video content business has reached its all-time high over the past decade and an indispensable part of it is the animation. Be it developing of animated videos for promotion or creating a much more influencing advertisement, animation videos are the answer to all. There is no doubt that these videos have a huge impact on the audience in its auditory and visual ways, making its use in the video marketing sector for business promotion has become a valuable part of the professional work.

What is 2d Animation?

It is an art that involves creating objects, storyboards, backgrounds, and characters, under a two-dimensional space, to create the effect of moving content. Mainly it is used for television and movies for the purpose of entertainment, but in recent times it has shown great involvement in other businesseslike video games, websites and other promotional advertisements. It may seem like an easy task, but requires a thorough knowledge of computer, animation along with the skills to develop storyboards.

Apart from serving the purpose of entertainment, 2D animation is also used as an effective learning process. The e learning application software uses 2D animation by incorporating them with their videos, to create a much more impactful teaching experience. It brings academics to life, by imparting value to the learner through every character and piece of content.

Growth of animation companies:

The increase in demand and multiple uses of animation, has been the most profitable forthese studios. The magical blend of technology and creativity is what makes any animation studio successful. It is important to have a passion for imagination, to create content that has the viewer’s mind ingrainedwith the lives of the fictional characters, and having that effect is what makes a good 2D/3D animation an instant hit.

Currently, Japan has to offer the best animation, in the whole wide world, with top qualityinternationally recognized series and contents. Among the list of top animators of all time, Disney is the most celebrated and recognized animation company.

2D VS 3D animation:

Even with many perks of its own, 2D animation has certain limitations that are easily achievable with the use of 3D animation. On one side, objects created through 2D animation has only height and width, whereas 3D animation adds the major component of depth along with height and widthhelping it to create characters that are much more realistic in contrast to the 2D ones. It has a better ability to project movement and create finer, more beautifulvisuals. Creating characters and movement is a part by part drawing process in 2D animation, whereas it is more like handling puppets through different frames when it comes to 3D animations,making it a much more preferableoption, for fast, high-quality content, putting 2d animation company in India and everywhere else, a little out of demand.

Amongst all these advancements, certain companies still believe in the beauty of simplicity and prefer 2D animation because of its simple, less complex work that aims at providing better gameplay than design.