Give your Pharma Business a Dose of SAP Business One ERP Software

ERP for Pharma Business

Pharmaceutical is the only industry where the products produced are directly related to the health and well being of the humans. Where the other domains may affect people slowly and steadily, the Pharma industry shows instantaneous results on the persons. This is the reason why pharma industry leaders are always in chase of smart technology driven tools that can help them streamline their in-house business operations and can render well versed knowledge on the formulation, drug potency, etc. related matters.

Also, it is of no wonder that pharmaceutical leaders face an added pressure of compliance to both the national and the international regulations, and the other standards issued for health and safety of the well being. Plus, the limited shelf lives of the drugs make the situation even more critical for them to think upon. All these factors indicate the dire need for highly advanced systems in the pharma industry to ensure aligned management and greater control and transparency over the formulation methods, inventory, and supplying processes.

But, the easier it is to conclude that your pharma company needs a smart ERP platform, the more difficult it is to actually find the best Pharma ERP software. So, if you too are struggling to find the perfect ERP software for your pharma company, then this blog is for you.

Best Pharma ERP Software

The best ERP software is the one that is specific to a particular industry and can be customized as per the unique needs and demands of the company. And certainly, it should possess all the necessary features and functionality needed to ace the pharma industry. And all these qualities can be found in the intelligent enterprise ready solution, SAP Business One. 

SAP Business One for the pharma industry helps the leaders gain enhanced control over the business processes and it also maintains the quality of drugs at every stage. And its advanced batch track and trace helps the leaders track the movement of all batches produced and dispatched till the order reaches the final destination.

And, this is just not all. Let’s take a look at more features that make this software the best ERP software in the Pharma industry.

Unique features of SAP Business One for Pharma Industry

  1. Formulation Management: with SAP Business One Pharma ERP software by your side, you can leave aside all your worries related to the formulation of a new drug or the alterations/improvements in the previous drug. The software itself defines the methodology, raw materials and equipment required for the formulation of a drug.
  1. Quality Control: from raw material to the final dispatch stage of a drug/medicine, SAP Business One monitors the quality of the product at all stages to ensure that only the best quality medicines reach the consumer.
  1. Expiry Management: SAP Business One EP software helps you manage your inventory of the medicine as per their expiry dates. That is, medicines that can expire early are sold first. This way, it ensures no wastage in the company related to the product/raw material.

So, if you too find this software as an apt for your company, do not wait to reach out to your trusted vendor and ask for SAP Business One demo today.