Handy Skills I’m Glad I Learned In My Twenties

Your twenties are your opportunity to explore the world and learn how to be an adult, before you commit to it entirely and build a future. A lot of the habits that people develop during their twenties stay with them for their entire lives. When I was at that age, one of my life goals was to learn to be self-dependent. These are a few handy skills I suggest everyone should learn during their twenties.

Basic Plumbing

Hiring a plumber is expensive, and often unnecessary. With little research, I learned to unclog a toilet, remove stuck tub spout fixtures, change a shower head, repair small leaks and even how to fix a jammed garbage disposal. This not only helped me save a few bucks (well, more than a few), but it also helped me learn how to take better care of my home.

Cooking Meals Beyond Ramen And Grilled Cheese

Too many college students subsist on cafeteria meals, ramen, grilled cheese, and other simple meals. If you keep that habit, you’ll find that when you get a serious job, most of your budget is spent on takeout. Not only is this the more expensive option, it is also very unhealthy. I’m not saying that you need to start meal prepping or become a professional chef. But, cooking your own meals is a basic life skill that all adults should learn. You should be able to make things like pasta, a casserole, and other heart-filling nutritious meals.

Organizing Your Time

There is nothing worse than seeing a grown adult that cannot abide by schedules. The sooner you learn how to organize your days, the more productive you can be. Don’t make the assumption that organization means you need to lead a boring life. Productivity means you will have time to spare that can be allocated to things you actually want to do – not just the things that help you procrastinate. For example, if you finish your assignments by 5pm, you can head out for a night out without worrying about unfinished work. However, if you spend you day procrastinating on social media and YouTube, you’re likely to spend the rest of the night trying to make up for lost time. In the end – time that could have been spent outside with your friends, will have been wasted watching random videos online. 

Why It’s Important To Develop Good Habits In Your Twenties

The older you get, the more your habits will be difficult to change. Your twenties are that time of your life where you are mature enough to think about your decisions wisely, but with fewer commitments that can limit your habit-forming capabilities. You are relatively care free, with more wiggle room in your life to experiment with different approaches. So, try to get a headstart on a life full of good habits, and start thinking about the skills you will need no matter how your life turns out. Don’t limit yourself to my suggestions, these are just a basic template that you can build upon.