How Does Email Work? A Simple Tech Guide

The internet these days seems to be getting more and more complex. There are so many new developments it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Among all the activities the internet provides you with, it can be easy to develop a sense of wonder at how much can be accomplished. Even with the things that have become common, like sending emails to your friends and families.

Are you wondering how does email work exactly? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the key things to understand.


First, there’s the email creation, that begins in your email account on your computer. You compose your email, and as it’s in your account it’s at the “Point A” of your email’s journey.

This section of sending emails is known as a mail client. Mail clients are the places that you can compose emails like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Generally, this is a simple part of the process, unless of course, you need to know how to fix an email list. Once you’ve gotten that taken care of and your email is prepared, then it’s time to hit send.


But what happens when you do hit send? Where does that email “go” per see?

That’s when the power of servers come in. Your little (or big) message gets to travel through a number of servers in order to reach its recipient.

What are those servers?

Well, first there’s the simple mail transfer protocol server which tells your email which way to go. Then there’s the domain name server that connects your email to an IP address sending it into the proper domain.

Then your email goes into that domain, through the internet, into a server that processes incoming mail.


So, once your email has run its course through all of these servers and domains (all in a matter of a few seconds or maybe even less!) you can expect it to have shown up in your friend’s inbox.

The email is usually acquired through your recipient’s email account and their own mail client. All that is left to do is for your friend to open up that email and reply, starting the whole process over again.

So what is email capable of? Sending big or small messages over a big or small amount of ground in a matter of seconds or a few minutes!

How Does Email Work? Answered!

Now you can cross “How does email work?” off your list of burning questions. Obviously, there are some more complex processes within these steps, but you’ve definitely got a better idea than most about sending emails now compared to most people.

You can enjoy the benefits of email all while having a solid understanding of how it works and what technology is able to do. And, if something happens to go wrong while you’re emailing, you can understand why it’s happening.

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