How Many Ever Ways of Making Your Website More Interactive

What is an interactive website? If you don’t know that, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to increase your user base. But hey, don’t worry! I can help you here! Interactive websites are the ones that give the users an illusion that the web design Perth is responding back to them and there is two-way communication between the user and the website.

Consider the following example. When you are playing a game, there are some games that allow you to enter your name and when you win, they display your name as the winner on top. There are also those websites that don’t ask for your name and when you win, they just show that ‘Player 1’ has won. Which of the two do you prefer? Yeah well, I know the answer is pretty obvious. Who doesn’t like seeing their name on the top? Hehe! So, this is what an interactive website may mean. Something on the website gives a feel to the user that they are having two-way communication.

Now let’s see how you can make your website interactive.

  1. Content
    Content is the foremost key to making the website interactive. Go back to the first paragraph where I wrote ‘which of the two you prefer’. This is my way of making this blog interactive. How so? I just involved you thereby asking you a question. When you were reading that line, tell me you didn’t answer the question in your head before reading the next line? You sure did! So that’s how you interacted with this blog. Similarly, the content on the website somehow needs to relate to the users.

  2.  Comments section
    The comments section on the website is a direct way to communicate with the users as it allows users to give their valuable feedback or prompts for further discussions on any topic. This way, the user interacts with the website.

  3. Automated features
    On account of the newest technological advancements, there are so many ways in which technology can interact with consumers. Let’s see an example there. You have a camera in your phone, right? This feature has been introduced in the market for a long time.
    However, people are still not bored with it. How? Why? Because with time, the camera has been introduced with a lot of interactive sub-features like face detection and availability of different filters. Users believe that the camera is interacting with them by detecting their faces. This is done through AI.

  4. Social media plugins
    This is a very important and useful way. People have addicted to social media Perth or SEO Services Perth. They use social media for everything, including staying in touch with friends and acquaintances to making social contacts to sharing and getting to know about world news and finally to sharing whatever they like. So, when a website offers a user to share some post or product on their Facebook, users get happy. This is also a way to promote your business as shares increase the reach of the potential audience.

  5. Live chat
    Have you recently opened up a website and saw a notification bar on the side? In that notification bar, someone welcomes you and prompts you to ask any query. Unlike before when if there were a query, people used to email to support and wait for two days for their reply, websites today answer your questions there are then. You may ask multiple questions and get your problem solved quickly.

  6. Graphics
    Let’s have a bet! Open Facebook on your phone and scroll down for five minutes without seeing a video! —- Did you win? I am sure you didn’t. Graphics is a very important tool to get to users. If there is all plain text, users will eventually get bored. So, in order to keep them engaged, it’s important to have videos and pictures they can relate to.

  7. Updating
    I cannot emphasize this point enough! You need to update your layout and content regularly. Imagine coming to this website after a year and reading this same line along with the same layout. Would you want to come back? No! Because you’ll get bored. Hence, it is important for you to keep updating your website.

  8. Entertainment
    Has your internet connection ever gone bad? Have you ever had been using Google Chrome when it happened? Well, if you were you would know about the game Google Chrome has come out with. Even if your internet connection is down, chrome has found a way to keep you interacted. Using small tools like this, you can ensure that your users are always entertained. You can add small polls/quizzes regarding the content you’re posting. This way, not only you’re engaging your audience but also getting imperative feedback from them.

  9. Related posts/products
    This is a very important way of interaction with users as it shows how a website understands what you want. For instance, the type of songs you listen to, YouTube makes a playlist. When you play one song, all the other songs that you may like are automatically played one after the other. This makes users happy as they have little to do themselves and they feel that the website knew them and is responding to them.

  10. Rating
    Do you use the reactive emoticons on Facebook? The heart, laughter, sad, happy, shocked, etc react? Aren’t they interactive? They show what you actually feel and by using them, you feel you’re letting the website know about your feelings. They are a great tool to engage your audience.