How to Add Watermark to PDF Multiple Pages?

ScoopArticle | Add Watermark to PDF multiple pages is the best way to add signature in a PDF document. A document with watermark cannot be used without taking permission from the owner. There are multiple reasons due to which the user wants to add watermark in PDF documents. So, in this blog, we will discuss best methods to put images and text-based watermarks in a PDF file.
The watermark can be an image, text, logo, signature, or any sort of information thing. As we all know that the PDF is used as portable documents. So, without wasting time let’s know why the user wants to insert watermark in PDF document. After that, we will move to the solution part for How to insert watermark to all PDF pages?

Why Add Watermark to PDF Files?

There are numerous reasons to insert watermark in PDF files. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Adding Watermark protects the information in the file to be change
  • The watermark also conveys the type of information the file contains
  • Inserting watermark to multiple pages of PDF helps the person to own the copyright

These are some of the reasons for adding watermark to PDF files. Now, move on to the methods to add watermark od PDF documents.

How to Add Watermark to Multiple PDF Files?

There are multiple techniques through which one can add watermark to PDF multiple pages. The 3 best methods are mentioned below:

  1. Using PDF Watermark Adder Tool
  2. Place Watermark to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Method 1: Using PDF Watermark Adder Tool

SysTools Watermark Adder Tool. This tool is one of the best methods to insert watermark to multiple PDF files in a few seconds. This tool comes up with many great features using which users can easily place watermark on multiple pages. Also, the user interface of this tool is very simple and straightforward due to which any non-technical users can also put watermark in PDF documents. Now, let us know the working of this tool.

Steps to Add Watermark to PDF Files Using Watermark Insertion Tool

  1. Download and Install PDF Insertion Tool on your computer
  2. Select Text or Image watermark according to need
  3. Now, click on the Add Files or Add Folders button to insert PDF files to be watermark
  4. Enter the Text watermark you want to add in Watermark Text Field
  5. Here, adjust the Font Size, Color, Position, and Transparency level of watermark
  6. Click on the Browse button and select the destination path to save PDF file
  7. Finally, click on the Generate button to add watermark stamp to PDF file

Now, you can go to the location where you save the PDF file and preview the watermark added to the multiple pages of the PDF file. This is the best method to place watermark on PDF files. But, to know the manual ways to insert watermark, read the below-mentioned methods.

Method 2: Place Watermark to PDF Files using Adobe Acrobat

In order to insert watermark using Adobe Acrobat, follow the steps stated below and add watermark to PDF multiple pages:

  1. Download and Run the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer
  2. Now, click on the Tools and then Page
  3. Here, select Edit Page Design and click Watermark and Add Watermark
  4. Adjust watermark settings according to need
  5. Finally, click on Appearance and check the checkbox on the pop-up window.

Now, you are able to add watermark to PDF file. But using the manual method has its own limitations like users have to buy the full license version of this tool to insert watermark in PDF files. Also, this tool does not give any extra features as compare to automated solution. So, in our case, we would recommend you to use automated solution mentioned above.


In this blog, we talk about two methods to add watermark to PDF multiple pages. We have discussed one manual and one automated method to insert watermark in PDF documents. Also, we have discussed why users need to place watermark in PDF files. So, read this blog carefully to know the step by step process to put watermark stamp in PDF reports.

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