Learn How to Apply Page Numbers to PDF in Just a Few Steps

Many users asked this query that “How to apply page numbers to PDF” because PDF file without page numbers is very important. Page numbering or stamping is the smartest way to make a unique identification of all pages of PDF. After inserting page numbers to a PDF, one can easily manage the PDF files. That’s why it is very important to add bates stamp to the PDF file.
So, this query arises most that how to add page numbers to PDF? There are numerous methods available to do so. But, finding a genuine solution is always a difficult task. So, to make your choice easier, in this blog, we will discuss the genuine and tested solution to apply bates stamping to PDF documents. But before proceeding further let us know the advantages of inserting page numbers into PDF file.

Advantages of Inserting Page Numbers to PDF

Apply page numbers to PDF can provide many advantages to it. Some of them are listed below:

  • Adding page numbers to PDF file make page numbers in sequential order
  • Searching for any particular information in PDF become easy
  • Readers can easily recognize the last page they had read and keep track of their reading

How to Apply Page Numbers to PDF?

SysTools Page Numbering tool can easily add page numbers to PDF. It is the best method to insert bates stamp into PDF file. Moreover, this tool provides many additional features while adding page numbers to PDF documents. Also, the user interface of this tool is very simple and easy so that any native user can also add bates numbers to PDF. So, to know the working and features of this tool, read the blog carefully.

Advanced Features offered by SysTools Page Numberer Tool

  • Apply page numbers on multiple PDF files simultaneously
  • User can add bates stamp to password encrypted PDF files also
  • Feature to insert Prefix & Suffix along with page numbers
  • Adobe Acrobat is not needed to insert page numbers to PDF
  • Option to Print the PDF file after adding page numbers

Steps to Apply Page Numbers to PDF File

Using the PDF Page Numberer tool, users can easily insert bates number to PDF documents. In order to add page numbers to a PDF file, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Download and Run PDF Page Numberer Tool


Click on the Generate Bates and then Generate Bates Number

generate bates number

Now, click on Add File(s) or Add Folder to insert PDF files in the software and click Next

add files

Enter Prefix, Suffix, Number of Digits, and other required details

bates number details

You can add additional text if you want to add in the Additional Text box


Then, set additional text position if you have added any additional text and click Next

additional text positining

Now, adjust the bates number position in the Bates Number Positioning option

bates number positioning

Adjust the font color and font size as needed

font size

Choose File naming convention from the options: Retain Original File/First Bates Number

retain original file name

Now, browse the destination folder to save the resultant PDF files and click Next


Finally, click on the Generate button to apply page numbers to PDF

selected files


In this blog, we have discussed the method to apply page numbers to PDF. Page numbering in PDF file is very necessary as it maintains the sequence of pages in PDF file and it becomes easy for readers and can manage PDF files easily. So, to insert bates stamp to PDF file, we have mentioned the PDF page numbering tool to add page numbers in PDF file. This tool is the best tool with so many great features.

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